Yellowstone fans express woke fears ahead of season 4 release

Yellowstone: Piper Perabo discusses her character's origins

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Yellowstone season four will air on The Paramount Network on November 7 and the series welcomes a number of new faces. Summer (played by Piper Perabo) will be joining the show as a campaigner against industrialized farming and the killing of animals. Fans of the series have said they are concerned the show is pandering to ‘woke culture’ by introducing a campaigner.

Summer Higgins is joining the series as an activist from Portland who is fighting against the state-funded police force.

The Dutton family holds political influence and at this point, it is unknown whether Summer will become one of their enemies.

In a video posted on the official Yellowstone Instagram, she is seen protesting against the mistreatment of animals.

However, she later finds herself caught up in a more pressing issue, regarding plans to build a new airport.

In the video, actress Perabo is heard saying: “This season I play Summer who comes to Montana as an animal activist, but she starts to learn what’s going on and her plans get a lot bigger.

“It’s pretty cool to come on board Yellowstone. This season there is an airport they are trying to build.

“And although I was in the area doing protests, to protest the building of an airport is a much bigger deal and much more dangerous.”

Fans took to the comments to express fears that the show was taking a “woke” turn for the fourth season.

_isaac_carter said: “Please don’t make this show woke.”

lapetitekej added: “Third season was disappointing as this show became a bit politically correct… I had hopes for the new season, but seeing this clip just now dwindled my hopes.”

ifoundtravis228s said: “I already hate her character. Please don’t make this show woke please please please.”

Meanwhile, truetonewmexico commented: “Careful go woke go broke. I know keeping it cowboy is hard for Hollywood.

“That why we were all surprised by the show and enjoyed it. The last few clips of the new season and the actors and actresses that have been added look all a little suspect.”

Lovelylaurennnnnnn added: “Yayyyy so it’s going woke…. please don’t ruin the show.”

However, Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, said the reason why she loves playing her character is because of the show’s gritty and chaotic nature.

She told Esquire: “I do like the fact that there is not that self-righteousness in our show.

“We’re playing characters and we’re not trying to be too sort of, dare I say it, ‘woke’ about things.

“I’m interested in complicated and messy and human.”

There are fans who are looking forward to seeing what Summer brings to the series and whether she will be a friend or foe.

j.e.nnotjenn commented: “Summer & Jamie [heart]”, suggesting the new character could become Jamie Dutton’s (Wes Bentley) new love interest.

The star has already teased a run-in with one of the Dutton family members.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said: “When John Dutton or Rip [Cole Hauser] want to get rid of people, they talk about taking them to the train station.

“I don’t want to be taken to the train station!”

Viewers will have to see whether the activist makes an appearance in the double-bill premiere.

Yellowstone season 4 will air on The Paramount Network on November 7.

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