Adorable moment three bear cubs soak in a hot tub at couple's holiday home

A COUPLE on holiday in the Great Smoky Mountains in America was stunned when they found three black bear cubs relaxing in their hot tub.

Elizabeth Strickland and her boyfriend spotted one of the adorable little creatures wander across the porch of the holiday home.

Amazed, they ran to the window and saw not one bear but three little bears taking a dip in the tub – and by their expressions, the water wasn't too hot, or too cold but just right.

Nestled in the mountain range that sits on the Tennesseee-North Carolina border, the bears are very much in their natural environment.

Their furry guests arrived at 11am for their pool party, and one of the cubs closed his eyes as he kicked back in the water.

Speaking to WKRN, the Knoxville woman said: "I saw one walk around the corner of the porch and I ran to the bedroom to look out the windows at the hot tub and there they were!"

She told Fox 8: "It was so cute, so we let them enjoy for a minute. Then they went on their merry way."

Despite the adorable and cuddly characteristics, National Park Service (NPS) reminded tourists that bears are "dangerous and unpredictable wild animals and to treat any encounters with extreme caution."

The NPS website reads: "Willfully approaching within 150 feet, or any distance that disturbs or displaces a bear, is illegal in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

There are roughly 1,500 bears estimated to live in the park, so these ones were clearly overjoyed to find their own swimming pool.

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