Anti-Semitic blogger, 57, is being sent back to jail

Anti-Semitic blogger, 57, who described Auschwitz as a ‘theme park’ and said Jewish people use Holocaust as an ‘eternal cash cow’ is being sent back to jail after losing appeal against 18 week sentence

  • Alison Chabloz-Tyrer, 57, was convicted of using ‘grossly offensive terminology’
  • She was sentenced to 18 weeks jail in April appealed against her conviction
  • The blogger stated that the Holocaust is used as an ‘eternal cash cow’
  • She lost her appeal against conviction of three counts of sending by a public communications network an offensive, indecent or menacing message

Alison Chabloz-Tyler, 57, said the Holocaust is used as an ‘eternal cash cow’

An anti-Semitic campaigner who once compared Auschwitz to a ‘theme park’ has been warned she will be sent back to jail after losing her appeal.

Alison Chabloz-Tyler, 57, said the Holocaust is used as an ‘eternal cash cow,’ and that Hitler wanted the Jews out of Europe for behaving ‘in a certain fashion as we’re seeing again today’.

She asserted that the gas chambers were not ‘homicidal,’ but used ‘to save lives from typhus epidemics’, and said that Jews who ‘don’t conform’ should be deported.

Chabloz-Tyler was convicted of three charges for posting offensive songs about the Holocaust and handed a suspended jail sentence in May 2018. 

She had appealed against the convictions – but a judge upheld them at Southwark Crown Court in February 2019.

Chabloz-Tyler has since breached her suspended sentence by ranting anti-Semitic comments as she telephoned in twice as a guest to the podcasts Realist Report and The Graham Hart Show.

The musician claimed in the podcasts that Jewish parents are ‘indoctrinating their children that their grandparents were gassed because they were Jews’, turning the children into ‘psychopathic maniacs’, the court heard.

She also claimed the Auschwitz gas chambers were fake, and that Jews ‘were promoting homosexuality, promiscuity, the same things they are promoting today.’

Chabloz-Tyler, of St Johns Wood, Westminster, lost her appeal against conviction of three counts of sending by a public communications network an offensive, indecent or menacing message or material.

She will return to be re-sentenced for the offences on Wednesday. 

Judge Beddoe, sitting with magistrates, said: ‘Presently we do not consider that the sentence passed in the court below was sufficient.

‘The sentence we will pass will return you to prison, you will be returned to custody and brought back here for the completion of the sentencing exercise.’

Chabloz-Tyler had been banned from broadcasting, posting on the internet or in any form, any reference to Judaism, the Jewish faith, the Jewish people, the Holocaust, World War two, Israel, or any member of the Nazi party. 

Giving evidence Chabloz-Tyler refused to accept that her comments were grossly offensive, and said: ‘I would like English people, of my family, of my race, of my ethnicity, to remain the majority in my country.’

She made ‘grossly offensive’ anti-Semitic remarks on a US podcast which she promoted via the social media website Gab 

Judge Martin Beddoe asked: ‘Who is English and who isn’t English?’

She answered: ‘It is an identity, a national identity, an ethnicity.’

Benn Maguire, prosecuting, asked: ‘Are Jews English? Are Jewish people English?’

Ms Chabloz-Tyler said: ‘They may be half-English or a quarter English.’

On the ‘Graham Hart Show’ she asserted that the Holocaust is a ‘central pillar’ of Judaism and that Jewish children are brought up to be ‘psychopathic maniacs’.

Asked if this was grossly offensive, she said: ‘It is offensive, but not grossly offensive, that is my final answer.

‘Offensive to some Jews, but not grossly offensive, the degrees of offensiveness were varied.

‘The gassing of Jews, I do not believe it happened.’

Mr Maguire asked: ‘So far, nothing you have said falls into the category of grossly offensive, can you think of anything that you would consider to be grossly offensive?

Ms Chabloz-Tyler said: ‘If somebody was advocating to wipe out Jewish people from the surface of the Earth!’

Mr Maguire asked: ‘If somebody described you as being guilty of child abuse, would you consider that to be grossly offensive?’

Ms Chabloz-Tyler said: ‘It would be a complete lie! It would be libel, offensiveness doesn’t come into it.’

Chabloz-Tyler had made six ‘grossly offensive’ comments on far-right podcast ‘Realist Radio’ and ‘The Graham Hart Show’.

Earlier this month Hart was jailed for 32 months and banned from broadcasting for ten years for spreading racial hatred in his internet show.

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