Antifa website redirects to White House website moments after Biden sworn in on Inauguration Day

THE Antifa website is currently redirecting to the White House page following Biden's inauguration.

The apparent hack took place just minutes after Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

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Typing "" now leads you to the "" website.

However, Biden's campaign told WTRF that they are not involved in the change.

"So whoever owns is redirecting it to our website as a troll. … The VP very obviously has/wants nothing to do with fringe groups," said Biden’s digital director, Rob Flaherty.

Searching on the digital internet archive Wayback Machine shows that the Antifa site has existed since 1999, according to the outlet.

The redirection was still taking place when this article was published at 3.30pm ET.

The White House's website and social media channels have been updated since Biden officially became president to reflect his leadership.

Upon typing in, the page redirects you to the White House government official page which hosts a large photo of Biden.

The site also includes pages on the president and vice president, which have recently been updated from Donald Trump and Mike Pence to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris respectively.

At roughly 11.30am ET on Wednesday, Biden and Harris were sworn-in during their inauguration ceremony.

After speeches from the new administration, the pair then made their way to the steps of the Capitol for the traditional parade and inspection of the military.

They were then taken by presidential motorcade to Arlington cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

The duo then attended Biden's Inaugural Parade, where a military marching band played while the president remained in his motorcade.

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