Are mobile hairdressers allowed to work?

MOBILE hairdressers fall into a tricky sub-category when it comes to the coronavirus lockdown rules.

With salons and barber shops closed, can mobile hairdressers work?

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Are mobile hairdressers allowed to work?

Under current lockdown measures in England, all hairdressers will have to close.

Because the mixing of different households indoors is banned, this means that also mobile hairdressers are not allowed to work during this period.

There is a category of "home workers" such as cleaners and plumbers that are allowed continue working despite the lockdown.

However, mobile hairdressers are not mentioned under this category, meaning they will have to stop working at least until December 2.

The Government’s current guidance for England states: “To reduce social contact, the Government has ordered certain businesses and venues to close.

“These include: personal care facilities such as hair, beauty and nail salons, tattoo parlours, spas, massage parlours, body and skin piercing services, non-medical acupuncture, and tanning salons.”

When can hairdressers and barbers reopen?

The lockdown in England is set to end on December 2, meaning hairdressers and barbers could open after that date.

There are fears the lockdown may be extended, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged it will not go beyond December 2.

Whether they are allowed to reopen or not will depend on the measures the Government will impose once the lockdown finishes.


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