Becki Falwell told pool boy she cried with jealousy over his dating stories during their affair, audio clip reveals

JERRY Falwell Jr's wife Becki told a former pool boy she was left "in tears" over his dating stories during their affair, explosive audio released on Monday revealed.

The recorded phone call between Giancarlo Granda and the Falwells offers an insight into how closely intertwined the trio became, adding weight to Granda's claims that he had a years-long sexual relationship with Becki Falwell, 53, while her husband supported it – and allegedly watched as they had sex.

"Gian’s been very busy lately," Becki Falwell can be heard saying.

"His new thing is like telling me every time he hooks up with people, like I don’t have feelings or something."

"You're going to make her jealous, Gian," Falwell Jr is heard telling Granda after his wife recounted coming to tears following Granda's sexual escapades with other women.

"Aww," Granda responds. "I'm not trying to do that."

Garda claimed he and Becki engaged in a sexual relationship after they met at a Miami hotel when he was 20 – and alleged that Falwell Jr would watch as they had sex.

Falwell, a huge figure in evangelical Christianity, on Monday said of Granda's story – first reported by the Reuters news service – that it is "90 per cent false".

The recorded audio continues: "Like a week ago I was in tears for a whole freakin' day. He was like 'I hooked up with this girl on Tinder and then I got her an Uber,'" Becki Falwell said.

"And I'm like completely depressed."

After a moment of silence, Granda responded: "Come on," before taking another pause and adding, "You don't care about me."

Granda again repeats, "You don't care about me anymore", just as Becki Falwell responds, "Oh yea? Really. Yea. Obviously."

"Yea, I'm fine," she said in the uncomfortable exchange.

Granda picks up after the sentence, changing his tone and responding, "I just tell you 'cause you're my best friend."

As the conversation continued, Becki Falwell seemed to understand Granda's expression of friendly affection for her, saying she's attempting to "accept" their newly transformed relationship.

"I've moved on. I've matured. Matured. I'm not as crazy as I used to be," she said. "I don't think."

When Becki Falwall misheard Granda's cut into her train of thought, Granda responded after another rather long silence: "No you're…. perfect."

"Yea! Gotta keep that up," Becki responds. "Even before when you weren't dating somebody, it just kind of threw me for a loop."

As the scandal unfolded on Monday evening, Jerry Falwell Jr released a statement stating his wife Becki did have an affair with Granda– but he had no involvement in the matter.

Granda's account details a much different story, allegeding he would have sex with Falwell's wife while Falwell watched.

The scandal has forced rumors to spread of Falwell's resignation from Liberty University, which the conservative Christian evangelist has denied.

Instead, he said he is on a leave of absence following another incident in which he shared a photo of himself and his wife's female assistant with their unzipped pants on a yacht.

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