Boris Johnson yelled 'someone shoot that f***ing dog' after his pet Dilyn wrecked antique furniture

BORIS Johnson barked, “Someone shoot that f***ing dog” after his pet Dilyn wrecked antique furniture.

The Jack Russell-cross left the Prime Minister with a four-figure bill after also chewing books and “messing on a floor” at Chequers.

He swore as Dilyn, who was rescued as a pup, dashed between his legs with a tome in his mouth in a “Laurel and Hardy-style farce”.

But Boris, 56, avoided being in the doghouse — as animal-loving fiancée Carrie Symonds, 32, was not present.

Dilyn has been marking his territory in No10 too, most recently by urinating on the handbag of a senior aide.

An insider said of the Chequers incident: “I was at a meeting when Dilyn darted under the PM’s feet with an old book in its mouth.

“He shouted, ‘For God’s sake, I’m going to get another £1,000 repair bill. Someone please shoot that f***ing dog’. I don’t think he meant it literally.”

Dilyn is unpopular with staff at the country pile in Buckinghamshire where Boris and Carrie spend weekends. A source said: “He causes havoc, gnawing at the furniture and soiling carpets.”

Carrie was apparently “very angry” by the reaction of aide Katy Lam, whose bag the pooch cocked a leg over in London.

A pal of Miss Lam said: “Katy did nothing wrong. She did what any woman would do when a dog is about to relieve itself on her handbag.”

Miss Lam has quit No 10 but her departure was not connected. Downing Street has declined to comment.

Bone up on leadership

THE Sun on Sunday’s Pet Vet Sean McCormack gives advice on a problem posed by Mr B Johnson, of Downing Street.

Dear Pet Vet,

Help! My year-old Jack Russell-cross Dilyn has an unfortunate penchant for polishing off antique books and piddling.

He also mounted an elephant’s footstool — a gift from ex-US President Teddy Roosevelt.

I’ve considered shooting him, but Carrie would kill me (and I love him too much anyway).

SEAN SAYS: Golly gosh Mr Johnson, Dilyn’s running rings around you. Dogs need strong and stable leadership. I’ve a feeling you’ve heard that advice before from somewhere.

It is important you listen to the experts. Mixed messages must be avoided at all costs. 

And who’s actually in charge here? If books are fair game this week but not the next Dilyn will get confused. It’s perhaps time to “level up” on Dilyn’s training and be firm. 

No more bumbling along with confusing advice and inconsistency. Clear instructions will go a long way so Dilyn knows what he can do, and what’s off limits. 

If you are consistent, just like over Brexit, you will get the job done and cure Dilyn of his very naughty ways.

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