Boy, 2, died after becoming entangled in window blind cord while devastated mum made cup of tea

A LITTLE boy died after getting tangled up a window blind cord while his mum made a cup of tea, an inquest has heard.

Cobie Grimshaw, who was just two, was playing on the sofa when he became trapped by the cord.

He was found by his mum, 26-year-old Lauren Grimshaw, moments later.

Despite desperate attempts to save him, Cobie suffered an irreversible brain injury following a lack of oxygen and died three days later on April 7.

The inquest heard Lauren, who lives with her partner Tom in Looe, Cornwall, had been playing with Cobie on the morning on his death.

In a heartbreaking statement, Lauren said: "I went into the lounge and could see Cobie stood upright on the sofa near the centre window.

"I can't remember whether he was stood on the cushion or the back or the sofa, or if his feet were lifted.

"I remember thinking he looked asleep.

"As I got closer I could see the blind cord was around his neck.

"I immediately took him out of the cord by lifting him then taking it from his neck, while shouting for mum and Tom.

"Mum took Cobie from me. I was shouting for help. Mum laid him on the sofa and started doing CPR while I called 999 for an ambulance."

Paramedics rushed to the home, and Cobie was flown to hospital by air ambulance.

However, despite the efforts of medics, he couldn't be saved.

A coroner ruled he died after he "accidentally entrapped and strangled himself".

In her statement read out at the inquest by senior coroner Andrew Cox, Lauren added: "He was a bright, clever little boy who was full of energy."

On the day of the accident, Lauren's mum Terri arrived at the house with a gift for Cobie, she said.

Lauren then left them having a cuddle together to make a cup of tea.

She added: "I hadn't heard or seen him get down from mum's cuddle, but I turned and saw he wasn't with mum and noticed he was quiet.

"I thought he was in the lounge.

"I finished making drinks and he had only been gone for the time it took the kettle to boil."

Lauren's neighbour Steve Humphries heard her screams for help.

The former St John Ambulance volunteer took over first aid for Cobie.

Charity warns of the hidden danger of blind cords

The Child Accident Prevention Trust has urged parents to be wary of blind cords.

Officials at the charity say:

  • Fit a tensioner to chains or a cleat hook to tie blind cords up well out of a child's reach and use it every time blinds are open and closed
  • Bear in mind that, as children develop, they can climb on furniture and other objects, and might reach higher than their parents think
  • Move cots, beds, highchairs and playpens away from looped blind cords and chains. If there’s space, try to move other furniture away from blind cords and chains too, as young children love to climb
  • Always consider blinds which contain no operating cords or chains in children’s bedrooms first. These are inherently safe and there are options for every blind style
  • Check all rooms of the house for looped blind cords or chains, especially rooms where children play, like the lounge
  • Make sure the cords on the back of Roman blinds are connected with a safety device that breaks away under pressure

He said the tot had been unconscious for around "five to ten minutes" by the time he arrived.

"I thought that had been a very long time," he told the inquest.

"We continued giving first aid but there was no response from the boy."

Doctors told Lauren and Tom their son wouldn't make it days later.

"I am devastated by Cobie's death and miss him every day," Lauren said.

"I just want things to be as they were."

Police investigated the incident, but found no evidence of suspicious circumstances, instead calling Cobie's death a 'tragedy'.

Recording the cause of death as global brain injury due to asphyxiation from hanging from a blind cord, coroner Andrew Cox said: "On this morning, he'd been doing what two-year-old boys do.

"Tragically, while climbing onto the back of the sofa he'd become entangled in the cords which were not fixed to the wall, and he's become accidentally entrapped and strangled himself."

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