Brie Larson's marvelous Captain Marvel honor was a 'dream come true'

Brie Larson joined Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Wednesday, where she spoke about the new Captain Marvel ride at Disneyland Paris and what it means to her. Larson said she grew up a huge fan of Disneyland, so to have a ride based on her Marvel character’s namesake was truly special.

“I saw that they’ve got a ride, an Avengers ride including Captain Marvel, at Disneyland in Paris,” Kimmel said. Larson responded by singing, “It’s my dream come true.” “Is it really your dream come true?” Kimmel asked. Larson replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Larson shot a video of her visit to the theme park earlier this summer for her YouTube channel, in which she checked out the entire Avengers Campus, and got to try out the Captain Marvel ride. Larson couldn’t help but get emotional, and her family and friends were there to share the experience.

“My family came out, my friends came out, because they know I’m such a Disneyland fan,” Larson said, “and so all of them were like, there’s no person that this would be, like, a bigger deal for than me.”

Larson was still in awe by the fact that her face is plastered all over a ride at Disneyland, while Kimmel, on the other hand, came up with a way that would have ruined the whole experience.

“It’s a true, true, true dream come true for me,” Larson said. “So hard to believe.” “You know what would be fun? To throw up on your own ride,” Kimmel said. “That would be a thrill.” “Would it?” Larson responded. “Um, not so sure about that, but it — no.”

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