California driver jumps 20 feet into the air after hitting a mound

Those Duke boys are at it again! Distracted driver drifts off highway and flies 20 feet into the air after launching off a dirt bank

  • Dramatic footage showed the sedan car launching into the air in California 
  • California Highway Patrol said the driver was not paying attention to the road
  • The car left the highway in Modesto at high speed on Saturday afternoon 
  • Luckily the driver only suffered minor injuries following the dramatic crash  

A distracted driver launched himself 20ft into the air after losing concentration while driving down the highway in California . 

CCTV footage released by California Highway Patrol shows the car leaving the carriageway at high speed and driving up the mound of earth. 

The car continues up the pile and within a second it is airborne, leaving the driver completely out of control. 

The driver of the car, pictured, lost concentration while driving through Modesto, California on Saturday afternoon and left the highway at high speed

People compared the stunt to the 1980s TV show The Dukes of Hazzard which was made into a movie by Warner Bros in 2005

The car struck a large mound of earth at high speed and used it as a ramp to get airborne

The car jumped more than 20 feet after hitting the mound of earth at high speed 

The incident took place Modesto, California on Saturday afternoon.

According to CHP, the driver suffered minor injuries despite their dramatic crash. 

A spokesperson for CHP said: ‘The driver of this sedan was inattentive while travelling northbound SR-99, at Kansas Avenue. 

‘The sedan left the roadway and launched several feet into the air. 

‘Luckily, the driver only sustained minor injuries. 

‘Remember, hands on the steering wheel and mind on the road.’

Many people commenting on the CHP Facebook page compared the incident to the 1980s show The Dukes of Hazzard, which featured two cousins and their 1969 Dodge Charger named General Lee. 

Teddy Crawford wrote: ‘Just some good ol boys, dukes of hazard style.’

Shannon Bell began reciting the theme tune written by the legendary Country and Western star Waylon Jennings: ‘Just a good ol boy.. Never meaning no harm beats all you ever seen been in trouble with the law since the day they were born…’ 

In 2005, Hollywood made a move of The Dukes of Hazard featuring Jessica Simpson, left, as Daisy Duke, and Jonny Knoxville, centre and Sean William Scott as cousins Beau and Luke Duke

According to California Highway Patrol the driver suffered minor injuries in the crash 

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