Can you spot camouflaged sniper hiding in thick forest as he monitors enemy?

The Special Forces are known to excel in a number of areas – but this sniper takes the top spot as a master of disguise.

Hidden somewhere in the photo is a member of the elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment, who has managed to seamlessly blend in with his surroundings.

But can you spot him?

He’s hiding somewhere in the wall of forest shrubbery, demonstrating how easy it is to conceal yourself into the surrounding terrain when wearing the correct camouflage.

Appearing to be sporting the typical style of camouflage, with a mixture of greens, browns, and greys, the sniper completely coordinates with the woodland setting.

The soldier appears invisible as he monitors the movement of a potential enemy.

As the British Army’s specialist covert observation unit, SSR troops often have to adopt a range of different disguises.

Soldiers have used covers wearing traditional Arab and Afghan dress and even full-length burkas.

The Regiment are currently deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and work closely alongside the SAS and SBS.

A military source explained, “SRR operators have to be able to carry out missions in every environment – desert, rural,mountains, Artic and even urban environments.

In this picture, an operator is using his uniform to effectively disappear. With a little bit more camouflage. He would be impossible to spot.”

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