Candace Owens says black Americans are turning to Trump for 'more opportunities' and says left wants to 'keep them poor'

CANDACE Owens has said black Americans are turning to Donald Trump for “more opportunities” – and claimed Democrats want to “keep them poor.”

The conservative activist during an interview on Fox News on Monday: “You want to put Biden back in office, he is the person along with Barack Obama who gave black America more handouts.”

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“Donald J Trump is giving us more hand-ups,” the 31-year-old said. “We don’t want more food stamps, we want more opportunities."

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo pointed out several black rappers – Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West – who have voiced their support for the president. 

Owens said she believes “these are the pioneers.”

“It is much bigger than you could possibly imagine behind closed doors and there is something happening,” Owens said.

“Time is up on the Democrat Party when it comes to black America.

“You cannot come around every four years and say to black Americans, ‘You’re a victim, you’re a victim, you’re a victim, we’re going to help you’ and then the second we put you in the White House you turn around and pretend that we were never there.”

The black commentator then reiterated that she thinks the “left wants to keep black Americans impoverished, poor, and uneducated.”

“Donald Trump does not see black Americans as victims and that is what black Americans are starting to understand – especially young black men,” she said.

Owens went on to say she doesn’t believe the national election polls – that show Biden as frontrunner – “for one second.”

Owens said of black Americans: “When they get in the booth, they’re going to do the right thing and they’re going to vote for a president that actually believes that black Americans are just like all Americans.”

Owens has long pushed for “blexit,” or a “black exit” from the Democratic Party.

She tweeted last week: “The brakes are off. It’s been 60 years of Democrat lies. Get on the #BLEXIT train, or get left behind.”

Last month, Owens said she believes Trump will win the election in a “landslide.”

“You need but look at the lines and packed arenas at Trump rallies to determine that he is winning by a landslide.”

Owens added that the Democrats’ “play was always to use to COVID-19 to explain Biden’s lack of support—followed by fake polls and forged mail-in ballots to attempt an election steal.”

More than 93million people have already voted before Election Day.

It could take longer than usual for elections officials to process the historic surge in early and mail-in ballots because of the pandemic.

Heading into the closing 24 hours of the race, Trump and Biden each painted the other as unfit for office and described the next four years in near-apocalyptic terms if the other were to win.

Trump said on Sunday in battleground state Iowa: “The Biden plan will turn America into a prison state locking you down while letting the far-left rioters roam free to loot and burn.”

Biden said in Philadelphia the US was on the verge of putting “an end to a presidency that’s fanned the flames of hate.”

“When America is heard, I believe the message is going to be clear: It’s time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home,” he said.

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