Cannibal killer’ Joseph Oberhansley who butchered ex with a saw before eating her brain and heart is jailed for life

A MAN convicted of eating his ex-wife's brain and heart after butchering her to death with a saw has been sentenced to life in prison. 

Yesterday, a judge told Joseph Oberhansley, 39, he will not be eligible for parole as he was locked away for life for killing Tammy Jo Blanton. 

Officials discovered the badly mutilated body of Blanton in September 11, 2014 in Jefferson, Indiana. 

Parts of the 46-year-old victim's skull was found on a dinner plate beside a skillet and pair of tongs covered in blood. 

The rest of her body was found in a bath. 

According to police, she was also raped during the brutal attack. 

At an earlier hearing, investigators said the crime scene was “worst than a horror movie. 

Blanton’s body was found with more than 25 sharp force injuries and several blunt force injuries, according to police. 

A bloody butcher knife, steak knife and frying pan were also discovered at the scene of the gruesome crime. 

Oberhansley initially confessed to murder and cannibalism in a recorded police interview, which was played to the court.

According to investigators, his reasoning for the cannibalism was because Blanton "was already dead".

Cops who arrived at the scene told how blood was found throughout the house including on the walls and on light switches.

The murderer is reported to have told detectives that Blanton "wasn't all that scared, surprisingly" before the attack.

Oberhansley later changed his story, pinning the murder on two men he claimed were in Blanton’s house when he arrived there. 

He told investigators the men had knocked him out and he was only awakened when police came looking for his ex after she had refused to show up to work. 

Clark Circuit Judge Vicki Carmichael also ordered the “cannibal” to serve an additional six years concurrently for burglary, according to the News and Tribune. 

The case, which gripped the media saw prosecutors drop an attempt seeking the death penalty last year. 


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