CCTV catches moment DPD driver leaves a bottle of URINE on drive

CCTV catches the shocking moment a DPD delivery driver leaves a bottle of URINE on customer’s drive as he drops off fresh food box to horrified couple

  • The driver was caught on a couple’s security system leaving the bottle of urine 
  • Footage shows the DPD delivery man going into his van and dropping off the unwanted bottle of urine in their drive
  • Next he drops off a box of fresh food to the property in Bournemouth, Dorset
  • Customer Lou, 29, says he was so disgusted that he threw away the five meals they had been delivered and complained

This is the moment a DPD delivery driver leaves an unwanted side order of a bottle of urine along with a couple’s fresh food order.

The man is seen going into the back of his van after pulling up in front of the house in Bournemouth. 

He emerges seconds later with a HelloFresh meal box in one hand and a bottle in another.

He instantly places the wee-filled water bottle on the ground outside the couple’s house and duly delivers their box.

A DPD driver is seen on CCTV arriving at a couple’s home in Bournemouth, Dorset, last June

The delivery driver parks up and then disappears into the back of his white van for 20 seconds

The DPD man then emerges with a box of food and a bottle of urine, placing it on the drive

The video has emerged just 24 hours after the fresh food firm apologised to a customer after a driver delivered a bottle of urine on top of his meal box.

Lou, 29, a sales manager from Bournemouth, said: ‘We came back from a day out to find our box of meals on the doorstep but also a bottle of urine on our driveway.

‘I looked at our CCTV and saw that the driver had just put the bottle of urine down outside the house, delivered the box and driven off.

‘It’s incredible that this should happen twice to the same firm and in the same town, Bournemouth.’

Lou, who lives with his wife Rachael, said they were so disgusted by the incident in June last year that they threw away the five meals they had been delivered and complained.

‘We could not eat the food knowing it had been handled by someone who was prepared to do that,’ said Lou.

After leaving the urine bottle on the ground, he then delivers the box and drives off. The home owners said they were so appalled by the incident that they threw five meals worth £38 away 

‘He worked for the delivery firm DPD but they did not answer my calls so I just left a review on Trustpilot and they emailed me some time later.

‘In the end I got through to HelloFresh and told them what had happened.’

The firm, which is a favourite of celebs including Jamie Oliver and Jessica Alba and delivers food in 12 different countries, launched an investigation and asked to see the CCTV footage.

They eventually cancelled the £38 charge for that week’s delivery box and gave the couple £20 by way of compensation.

Lou, who started using the firm in 2017, added: ‘It seemed like the least they could do and we left them at that point for one of their rivals.

‘I totally understand that it is hard for drivers during the pandemic to find appropriate places to pee but leaving a bottle on someone’s driveway is totally unacceptable. Just find a bin.’

A spokesman for DPD said: ‘The behaviour of the driver here is unacceptable, and this incident was dealt with at the time – seven months ago. We apologised and made good with the recipient and appropriate and swift action was taken at the same time in relation to the driver.’

Lou countered: ‘I do not know what they mean. I rang DPD after the incident and they promised someone would call me back which they didn’t. When I called back again they had no record of my complaint so I left a Review on TrustPilot.

It is the second such incident to emerge this week. HelloFresh customer Oliver McManus, of Bournemouth, took to Twitter to complain of a bottle of urine coming with his order 

HelloFresh apologised with a worker called Harry replying: ‘We truly lack the words to describe how sorry we are because of this’

‘They emailed me several days after I left my Review asking for my address, I replied querying if it was spam and it took them another week to respond to say they were genuinely DPD. I gave up on them at that point and dealt with it through Hello Fresh.’

A spokesman for Hello Fresh said: ‘We are aware of these unacceptable instances and are raising this issue with the delivery partner responsible.’

On Sunday, Oliver McManus of Bournemouth took to Twitter to ask @hellofreshuk: ‘I’ll keep it simple: why have I received someone’s bottled-up [email protected]@@ as part of my order?’

He claimed the box, containing ingredients and recipe cards, was not sealed properly but the firm said it had left their facility fully sealed having passed all internal checks before being given to their delivery partners.

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