China unveils ‘Robocop’ exo-skeletons, gun wielding killer robot dogs & 'X- ray' tech to help soldiers see through walls | The Sun

CHILLING video shows the Chinese military unveiling more of their high-tech weapons as tensions continue to rage with the West.

Beijing flaunted its military tech in the new video which shows a machine-gun armed robot dog, a small ball scout drone and a soldier wearing an exoskeleton.

It is understood the technology is made by Chinese defence firm Kestrel and the clips from the exercises were shared on Beijing's state-monitored social media site Weibo.

Footage from the drill shows a soldier attaching a control panel to the wall of a building before another troop then rolls in the small ball-like drone.

The ball then opens and becomes a tiny vehicle which then explores the building and beams the information back to the men outside – allowing them map out the structure and see inside like an X-Ray.

Video then continues as the robot dog – known as the "Striker" – troops up the building with a heavy machine gun strapped to its back.


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The robot is followed in by a Chinese soldier who is carrying a large rifle with a Robocop-esque powered exoskeleton strapped across his back.

He follows the robo-dog inside as they proceed to scout out the building in a vision of what combat could look like in the future.

It comes as the People's Liberation Army is rapidly modernising – investing heavily in modern tech and drones amid fears it could one day fight a war with the US.

Tensions continue to rage over Taiwan and the South China Sea – and Chinese president Xi Jinping is cosying up to Russia as they take part in massive joint war games involving 50,000 soldiers.

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It is understood the exoskeleton is designed to help a soldier when carrying a heavy weapon and packs on their backs – helping to spread the load across the machine.

The soldier then should be able to fight longer and harder without fatigue – with skeletal structure braced across his back and his arms.

And the robot dog is reported to be able to run at speed of up 9mph – with the piece of kit looking very similar to the machines made famous by Boston Dynamics.

Video shows the dogs operating alongside troops and tanks in large-scale war games.

The robots can also be equipped with grenade launchers on their back, and can even be used to deploy even smaller drones.


Footage published by Kestrel even shows one of the dogs being delivered by a large drone helicopter before trotting into the warzone.

Drone trucks capable of carrying heavy loads into the warzone are also being probed by China.

Along with this Chinese firms are also developing small-scale drone tanks – with miniature tracked vehicles armed with machine guns.

Autonomous heavy lift helicopters are also being tested by Beijing.

And clips from previous Chinese war games show all these pieces of kit operating together in what could be the future of warfare.

Russia and China are currently taking part in a massive war games involving 50,000 troops, 60 warships and 140 planes.

The drills are being personally overseen by Vladimir Putin amid the war in Ukraine.

Putin was seen clutching his chair with a claw-like grip while his feet constantly twitched as he delivered a bizarre speech to teenagers.

He appeared flushed as he spoke on stage after flying more than eight hours from Moscow to Kamchatka.

Russia's top military chief General Valery Gerasimov is overseeing the drills involving troops from several ex-Soviet nations as well as India, Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Syria.

China’s force is being led by the Type 055 destroyer Nanchang, the largest ship of its kind in the Chinese navy.

Beijing has already committed 2,000 troops and some 300 armoured vehicles, 21 fighter jets and three warships to the war games.

Beijing's mouthpiece the Global Times said the manoeuvres marked the first time the country has sent all three branches of its military to take part in drills with Russia.

It dubbed the drill a "show of breadth and depth" of the two countries' military cooperation.

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The war games come as Moscow and Beijing boost defence ties after Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

China has refused to criticise the invasion and pundits see as a prelude to its own invasion of democratically-governed Taiwan.

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