Chris Rock blames Pelosi and Dems for coronavirus spread because they were too busy trying to impeach Trump

COMEDIAN Chris Rock is blaming Democratic leaders and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—rather than President Donald Trump—for letting the coronavirus “pandemic come in.” 

Rock accused Democrats of trying to impeach Trump instead of focusing on the threat of Covid-19 entering the United States, in an interview with The New York Times published on Wednesday. 

Rock placed responsibility on Democratic leaders by comparing Trump to the 5-year-old emperor of China in the movie The Last Emperor

“There’s a kid and he’s the king. So I’m like, it’s all the Democrats’ fault. Because you knew that the emperor was 5 years old. And when the emperor’s 5 years old, they only lead in theory,” Rock said. 

“There’s usually an adult who’s like, ‘OK, this is what we’re really going to do.’ And it was totally up to Pelosi and the Democrats,” he continued.

Rock concluded: “Their thing was, ‘We’re going to get him impeached,’ which was never going to happen. You let the pandemic come in. Yes, we can blame Trump, but he’s really the 5-year-old.”

Democrats were focused on impeaching Trump in January, when the coronavirus began spreading in China.

Pelosi was shown on television ripping apart a copy of Trump’s State of the Union address, which noted that the White House “will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from [the coronavirus] threat.”

Rock also criticized Trump, but to a lesser degree, saying that the country is in the current predicament because Trump is a “landlord.” 

“No one has less compassion for humans than a landlord. And we’re shocked he’s not engaged,” Rock said.

To summarize, Rock said that Republicans “tell outright lies” but Democrats “leave out key pieces of the truth that would lead to a more nuanced argument,” so “it’s all fake news.

Rock, who stars in the show Fargo, also shared his view that racism is “real” and “not going away."

He said that Barack Obama becoming president was progress for white, not black people. 

In addition, Rock differentiated the Black Lives Matter movement from the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.  

“Dr. King and those guys were amazing. But they knew nothing about money. They didn’t ask for anything. At the end of the day, the things we got—it was just, hey, can you guys be humane? All we got was, like, humanity,” Rock said. 

“If they had it to do all over again, in hindsight, there would be some attention paid to the financial disparity of all the years of.”

Rock also said he does not believe Jimmy Fallon meant to hurt him in a clip from decades ago in which he portrayed Rock in blackface. 

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