Dayton shooter may have ‘cased’ bar before mass shooting: cops

There is a “strong probability” that Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts cased an Oregon District bar minutes before he opened fire on a popular nightlife district and was gunned down just steps from the doorway, police said Tuesday — as they revealed the killer’s movements before the slaughter.

Surveillance video released by Dayton police shows that Betts, 24, spent 30 minutes at Ned Peppers bar before returning to his car, pulling a dark hoodie and a backpack out of his trunk, and returning to the busy strip.

He spent nine minutes loading the weapon before opening fire. He was shot dead just steps from Ned Pepper’s front door after killing nine people — including his sister.

“Whether he had gone in Ned Peppers to case it, I think that’a strong probability,” Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said during the press conference. “But let me also say that he was very familiar with the Oregon District, so this is not a place that he did not know.”

“This was planned well before he got to the Oregon District,” said Biehl, who added that Betts had been in the trendy neighborhood on Friday night as well.

Biehl said it was “inconclusive” whether Betts targeted his sister in the shooting.

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