Dog owner’s horror after pet daschund run over and killed by Hermes delivery driver – The Sun

A FAMILY have told of their heartbreak after a Hermes delivery driver "crushed" and killed their elderly dog with his car.

Thomas Howard, from Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire, told how his mum's dachshund, Little Blackie, was hit – despite her telling the driver to wait before driving off.

He shared distressing images on social media, which show the slain pooch lying against a parcel bearing a Hermes sticker.

According to Thomas, Little Blackie was "crushed to death" by the driver, who apparently showed little remorse when he realised what he had done.

A heartbroken Thomas took to Facebook to share his experience and to “warn” other customers.

He posted the photos with the caption: “Earlier today a MY HERMES delivery driver drove over one of my mother’s beloved pet Dachshunds.

“When the estate car arrived on the yard, my mother called out to the driver to please wait while she came over to make sure the dogs were not under the car."

Thomas said the driver ignored his mum's pleas to wait and carried on driving as Little Blackie and her other dogs were in the road.


“When she got to the car she said 'You could have run over one, carrying on through them like that', only to look closer to see one dead on the ground, crushed to death.

“Obviously in tears and very upset she shouted ‘You’ve killed one’.

“His reaction was to carry on writing the parcel details then he dumped the parcel, mumbled sorry and drove off, still with dogs milling about.”

“So not only did he ignore my mother’s request to wait in the first place, he didn't even get out to see what he had done, and then drove off.

“When I tried to inform My Hermes of this incident I was unable to contact them either by phone or website.

“What happened was an incredibly distressing experience and I want My Hermes and their customers to be aware of this driver’s behaviour.

“I am now going to dig the grave for her.”

Thomas’ post has sparked outrage among social media users with many urging him to contact the authorities.

Caz Per wrote: “So, so sorry to read this. Please, please contact the police. The driver needs to be accountable.”

Jayne Ebery added: “God bless her, how disgusting of the driver.”

Diana Taylor said: “Please report to the police and the RSPCA.”

And Sandi Beattie wrote: "This company is a disgrace. So sorry for your loss."
Hermes have since apologised for the incident.

A Hermes spokeswoman said: "We are so sorry for the loss of this beloved pet and will be contacting the Howard family.

"It seems that this was a tragic accident which has understandably left the courier shaken but we have launched a full investigation."

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