Doorbell camera captures glowing meteor lighting up the night sky

Breathtaking moment ‘rogue meteor’ illuminates the sky with a powerful beam of light: ‘Night turned to day’

  • Meteor lit up the sky above Townsville on Saturday
  • Doorbell camera recorded the bright lights

Footage has captured the breathtaking moment a meteor fell to earth and lit up the sky before crashing into the ground. 

The meteor lit up the night sky above Townsville, in Far North Queensland, at about 9.22pm on Saturday as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Resident Brendon Scarr was saying goodbye to friends leaving his home when the dazzling spectacle unfolded above them. 

Townsville resident Brendon Scarr’s doorbell camera caught the incredible moment the meteor fell through the sky on Saturday night (pictured) 

The extraordinary moment was caught on his doorbell camera, with the meteor causing bright flashes of green, white and red light. 

‘We were shocked because the night sky literally turned to daylight,’ Mr Scarr told The Courier Mail. 

An amateur astronomer in Townsville dubbed the object a ‘rogue meteor’ and said he believed it fell somewhere in far north-west Queensland. 

‘It’s not a common sight at all here, people who happened to see it should feel lucky,’ he said. 

There were multiple reports in Queensland of bright blue, green, white and even orange flashes followed by a booming noise around the region, with hundreds of people taking to social media to share videos and pictures.

Queenslanders from the state’s far west to Cooktown, in the north, saw the flashes or bright lights, while people in Perth and Sydney claimed to also have seen the phenomenon.

Jim Robertson’s dashcam recorded the extraordinary moment the sky lit up as he drove along University Road in Townsville.

Mr Robertson said he saw a large streaking light in the sky, which only lasted a couple of seconds.

Residents across north Queensland shared pictures and videos of the meteor to social media (pictured)

Jim Robertson captured the meteor as it burned through the Earth’s atmosphere on his dashcam (pictured)

He described it as a ‘fluke’ experience to capture the flashes on his dashcam. 

‘We just thought, “What the hell is that? Are we being invaded, was it a plane crash, was it space junk?”‘ he told 9News.

An expert has weighed in already to shut down any talk of flying saucers.

Australian National University Astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker said it was definitely a meteor.

He said the incident was most likely caused by part of an asteroid breaking away between Mars and Jupiter.

‘As it hit the earth’s atmosphere, it created this bright flash and show in the sky,’ Dr Tucker said.

The blue-green colour flashes seen are caused by the iron and nickel on the meteor heating up.

The meteor was could have been travelling between 100,000 and 150,000 kilometres per hour, Dr Tucker said.

He said the boom sound people hear comes from the meteor breaking apart as it nears earth.

Some reports said the meteor may have crashed in the Croydon area, 600km inland from Townsville. 

Australian National University Astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker said it was definitely a meteor 

Some Croydon locals reported hearing loud bangs and experienced their houses shaking around the same time.

Scientists believe up to 50 metric tons of meteors fall to Earth each day, but most are no bigger than a pebble. 

Even the smallest meteors are visible from many kilometres away due to the speed in which they travel and how brightly they shine. 

Meteors that do not burn up in the atmosphere and strike the Earth’s surface are called meteorites. 

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