Family of 27-year-old victim at Travis Scott concert says he died saving his fiancée

The family of a 27-year-old concertgoer said he died trying to save his fiancée from being crushed at last week's Travis Scott show in Houston that left eight people dead and hundreds injured. 

Mourners gathered on Sunday for the funeral of Danish Baig, who died at the show on Nov. 5 after a packed crowd estimated at 50,000 suddenly surged forward at the Astroworld music festival. 

"We are grieving, we are in pain," Baig's anguished brother, Basil Baig, told NBC Dallas Forth Worth. "You go to a concert to have fun. You don't go to a concert to die."  

Basil Baig wrote on Facebook on Nov. 6 that "people were trampled, walked, and stomped on" at the concert. 

"My brother tried to save my sister in law from these horrendous acts that were being done to her in the process he lost his life," he wrote. "I am lost of words and in true trauma from this event. I was there and i wasnt able to save my brother. People were hitting pushing and shoving and did not care for anyones life." 

Baig told NBCDFW that shortly before Scott took the stage at 9 p.m. local time, the crowd surged forward, crushing people. 

“They were chanting to stop the event,” Baig said. “Nobody stopped the event. We need to bring awareness to this because this is not how you handle things, this is not how you do it.”

Baig wrote on Facebook that his family "will got to the full extent to make sure he is brought to justice" in reference to Scott. The rapper and the festival organizers are now facing multiple civil lawsuits. 

Police have opened a criminal investigation into the concert after eight people died, all of them under 30 and one as young as 14. No one has been charged.  

Witnesses described feelings of helplessness as some fans fell unconscious before being trampled. In addition to the deaths, 25 people were hospitalized, including 11 who suffered cardiac arrest. 

Scott, 30, paused his performance multiple times, at one point calling for help from the stage for a person he said was passed out. But the show went on for nearly an hour. 

The rapper released a statement on social media a day after the concert, writing that he was “absolutely devastated by what took place” and sending his prayers to those who were affected.

Scott’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, who was also at the concert, said the two were not aware of any deaths “until after the show.”

He added that he is cooperating with Houston police in their investigation. 

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