Fortnum & Mason's £5k Christmas crackers worth only half its price

Fortnum & Mason offers £5,000 luxury Christmas crackers in a stylish stencilled wicker basket – containing prizes worth just over HALF their price tag

  • The Regal Crackers retial for £5,000 but only contain gifts worth half the sum 
  • The crackers contain vouchers to F&M’s famous hampers worth £600 in total
  • Tom Parker-Bowles’ book is included as part of the luxury gifts on offer by F&M

Fortnum & Mason is selling Christmas crackers for an eye-watering £5,000 – but the gifts inside only cost barely half.

The shop – a favourite of the Queen – is selling its Regal Crackers for the princely sum despite the prizes inside only amounting to £2,740, according to The Sun.

The Fortnum’s website says of the crackers: ‘Presented in one of our signature hampers and bursting with yuletide joy, The Regal Crackers contain the greatest Fortnum’s gift of all.

The Christmas crackers come in a stylish stencilled wicker basket with the F&M initials

The crackers only contain gifts that are worth HALF the value of the £5,000 price tag

 ‘Inside each cracker your guests will find not one, but two vouchers for our hampers – meaning there’s a very special treat…’

The vouchers inside one of the crackers include a Fortnum’s Express Hamper and an Afternoon Tea Hamper collectively worth £600. 

The Afternoon Tea Hamper includes a tea set and Time for Tea, a book by Tom Parker Bowles.

The six-cracker set comes with luxury gold detailing with the ends tied with glistening ribbon

The lesser basket includes hot drinks, biscuits and other snacks as well as spreads and condiments.

More frugal shoppers can also find traditional non-luxury crackers at Fortnum’s for only £1,000 which contain standard gifts inside them.

Fortnum & Mason was first founded in London’s Piccadilly in 1707.

It is best known for its hampers but also provides a variety of other luxury goods.

The luxury retailer’s advent calendar was also criticised heavily as Which? experts branded the chocolate in the gift set inedible.

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