Fury at chopping down of 61 trees to develop new dual carriageway

Fury as 61 trees are chopped down to make way for dual carriageway in Northamptonshire in ANOTHER tree row – a day after nearly 100 were felled in the middle of the night in Plymouth

  • Residents have reacted furiously to trees being felled in Northamptonshire
  • It comes after more than 100 trees were cut down for a project in Plymouth 

Councillors have claimed they were left in the dark over controversial plans to chop down 61 trees to build a new dual carriageway.  

Members of North Northamptonshire Council said they were not told by developers Vistry of the true extent of the felling in Wellingborough until a site inspection on February 9 – just ten days before work was set to begin.

The controversial felling is to allow access to the site of a new dual carriageway leading to the £1 billion Stanton Cross development.

It comes after Plymouth Council sparked outrage by destroying more than 100 trees ‘like monsters in the night’ to make way for a £12.7 million project.   

The trees in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire before (left) and after (right) they were felled

Members of the public in both Plymouth (pictured) and Northamptonshire have staged protests against the tree felling 

Northamptonshire councillors told members of the public at the meeting that they were not told 60 trees would be axed until a site inspection on February 9, just ten days before work was set to begin. 

A Save Our Trees campaign has been launched by local residents, who want a Tree Protection Order for the rest of the area. 

Several people staged a protest on the site of the tree felling, leading to four arrests. 

However, 15 trees were cut down before work was paused last Thursday March 2.

Vistry Group then agreed to pause the felling until after they have held a public consultation with residents expected to take place this month.  

Members of the public criticised North Northamptonshire Council for its ‘lack of response’ and called its actions ‘disgraceful’. 

No representatives for Vistry or council members attended the meeting, but councillors resolved to condemn the felling and take all steps to protect the trees still standing on the road.

Deputy mayor and councillor Valerie Anslow said councillors were told at a visit to the site that 61 trees would be felled.

‘We were speechless’, she told the meeting. Cllr Ekins added that no council officers were present at the time and the only drawings of the planned felling were shown to them.

Residents of Northamptonshire blasted their local council at a meeting and demanded protections for trees in their area

It comes after more than 100 trees were cut down during the night in Plymouth, to the fury of locals

Another councillor said: ‘None of us knew that any of those trees were coming down, we were in the darkness.

‘At that meeting the pin was pulled, it went nuclear.’

Cllr Ken Harrington, who is a member of the council’s Wellingborough area planning committee but who was not invited to the site visit, said he has ‘never been treated so arrogantly and this has upset me.’

He then called for Cllr Lawman to stand down.

A council spokesperson said: ‘The work is part of consented plans that we are required to carry out as part of the planning permission. 

‘They are needed in the short-term to facilitate the diversion of essential utilities, including a high-pressure gas main, water, fibre optics and electricity, and in the longer term will boost the road network around the town, improving access in and around Wellingborough, and in doing so bringing major economic and lifestyle benefits.’

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