Ghislaine Maxwell had 'absurd and unjust' lengthy meeting behind bars with army of lawyers despite lockup rules

JEFFREY Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell had a long meeting with not one, but two lawyers at the Metropolitan Detention Center, while visiting allowances were still not back to pre-pandemic normal. 

Two members of Maxwell’s legal team, including defense attorney Christian Everdell, entered the jail at 9am last Friday and stayed for close to four hours, according to the New York Daily News. 

Maxwell, 58, was the first inmate at the detention facility in Brooklyn to see her attorneys face-to-face, getting priority over others who waited much longer, the newspaper reported. 

Inmates are usually allowed to see one visiting lawyer. 

The details came to light in a case that federal public defenders brought against the Bureau of Prisoners over conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center. 

Maxwell’s lengthy meeting with two attorneys is “absurd and unjust,” said Sean Hecker, who is involved in the case against the Bureau of Prisons, according to the Daily Mail.

Hecker also called it “frankly outrageous” and “colossally stupid.”

“The reaction is entirely predictable. There’s two systems of justice: One for friends of the President, one for everyone else,” Hecker said. 

After Maxwell was arrested, President Donald Trump, who at one point was a friend of Epstein, said, “I wish her well.”

Maxwell awaits trial for allegedly playing a part in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

Acting US Attorney Seth Ducharme in a letter to a court in the Eastern District of New York said another inmate got a visit before Maxwell, but also said Maxwell’s meeting with her lawyers was three hours long “without incident.”

“While routine legal visits will be scheduled in one-hour blocks, case-by-case visits can be longer, if requested,” Ducharme wrote. 

“Additionally, routine legal visits can also be longer than one hour, but the time slots for those visits are more limited.”

After halting visits due to the coronavirus, the Bureau of Prisons considered resuming visitations at the end of August but decided to do some trial runs and looked at requests from the two prior weeks, according to Ducharme.

Maxwell’s attorneys happened to fit that time frame.

Hecker responded in a letter filed with the court that Maxwell had been incarcerated for less than two months, “far less than a significant number of MDC inmates, including individuals (facing the death penalty), individuals with serious mental health issues, and individuals who have never met their court-appointed counsel because of the pandemic.”

Prosecutors allege that Maxwell, a British socialite, found girls who were as young as 14 years old for Epstein to abuse from 1994 to 1997 and trained them to follow his desires. 

Maxwell has plead not guilty to six charges.

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