Greek pilot who confessed to killing wife wishes he ‘could go back in time’

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The Greek helicopter pilot who has confessed to killing his 20-year-old British wife, Caroline Crouch, in a fit of rage, reportedly told a court in Athens, “I wish I could go back in time — but sadly, I can’t.”

Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, who wore a bulletproof vest, showed no emotion as he walked past a crowd chanting, “Rot in prison!” on his way to court Tuesday.

Once inside, he gave five hours of testimony after initially telling investigators that his wife was killed when their Glyka Nera home in northeastern Athens was burglarized on May 11.

He tried to create a convincing crime scene by placing their baby next to Crouch’s corpse and choking the family dog to death in his bid to fool investigators, police said.

“I wish I could go back in time,” Anagnostopoulos said Tuesday as he apologized for the killing and denied having an accomplice, Sky News reported.

He said the attack was not premeditated, but had happened in the heat of an argument.

“It was a confessed act and it is a confessed act,” his lawyer told reporters later.

Anagnostopoulos had previously admitted he “lost his temper” when Crouch threatened to leave him and take their 11-month-old daughter, Lydia.

His attorney Alexandros Papaioannidis said: “This is a long interrogation and all the necessary clarifications were given.

“The accused answered several questions. He did not change his allegations in relation to his pretrial testimony and there is further evidence that was brought to our attention,” Papaioannidis said, the Sun reported.

“I convey his apology. … he asked for his punishment and claimed that in no case is there an accomplice,” he added. “The accused gave his own view of what happened. What he did was guided by his child’s wellbeing. He wants to support the custody of the child to go to both families.”

Local news outlet Proto Thema reported that the chopper pilot also apologized for “destroying two families and his child’s future.”

But the shameless man also requested he not be kept in custody, claiming that “there is no evidence of my guilt for the crimes I am accused of, which is the first and most essential legal requirement in order to impose my temporary detention,” the Sun reported, citing the news outlet.

Anagnostopoulos requested an expert examination of the surveillance camera in the couple’s home to establish when the memory card was removed, in a bid to prove the crime occurred in a fit of rage, not after planning.

He also requested to have his friends and family brought in as witnesses for greater understanding of his relationship with Crouch, whom he said he met in 2017 in Alonnisos.

Anagnostopoulos described how happy their life was before problems began shortly after they wed in 2019, when Crouch suffered a miscarriage.

He also continued to blame his wife as he said her “behavior changed” and she became “aggressive” toward him, according to the Sun. He said he suggested for both of them to get counseling but that Crouch “was finding excuses not to go and eventually stopped.”

A coroner’s report said Crouch had been sleeping when she was attacked — and that her “asphyxiation took five to six minutes,” the BBC reported.

After the hearing, Anagnostopoulos was taken to Korydallos prison in Athens, Greece’s largest jail.

He is charged with premeditated murder, animal abuse, providing false testimony and filing a false police report about the robbery.

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