Horrific moment man is shot dead while sitting on a barbershop chair

Horrific moment man, 27, is shot dead while sitting on a barbershop chair by gunman who fled on a motorcycle

  • Carlos Andrés Carmona was shot dead inside a Medellín, Colombia, barbershop
  • The 27-year-old was killed while he was getting a hair cut Saturday
  • Surveillance camera showed  the gunman enter the business and shoot Carmona in the head without saying a word before fleeing on a motorcycle
  • Police haven’t revealed a motive for Carmona’s death 

This is the tragic moment a man was executed while sitting in a barbershop chair in Columbia.

The frightening incident took place Saturday afternoon in the Medellín neighborhood of Girardot when a gunman entered the business and shot Carlos Andrés Carmona several times in the head.

The barbershop’s surveillance camera showed the barber was applying a facial cream on the 27-year-old man’s face. The suspect subsequently walked through the doors and did not say a word to Carmona before he fired his weapon.


Carlos Andrés Carmona was assassinated at a barbershop in Medellín, Colombia, on Saturday 

Surveillance video shows the moment the shooter aims and fires his weapon at Carlos Andrés Carmona inside a barbershop in Colombia. Authorities had not made any arrests as of Monday

Carmona immediately fell to the ground before the assailant stormed out of the shop and boarded a motorcycle.

The barber walked out of the barbershop holding his hand over his head in shock.  

Authorities did not mention the motive for Carmona’s death, although Girardot has encountered a rise in criminal incidents due to a turf war between two local gangs, according to local media outlet Alerta Paisa.  

Carmona’s murder was the 28th that has been registered in Girardot this year, an increase of six compared to the same period in 2019, according to the Medellín security ministry.   

Authorities have not made any arrests related to the murder Carlos Andrés Carmona (pictured sitting), who was executed Saturday at a barbershop in Colombia. The shooter (top right) has not been arrested

A barber is seen walking out of a barbershop in Colombia moments after Carlos Andrés Carmona was gunned down Saturday

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