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AMBULANCE workers have one of the most important jobs in the world.

The essential emergency crew are there to assist those in distress which can often come down to a matter of life or death.

How much do ambulance workers earn in the UK?

An emergency ambulance crew is made up of a number of positions.

And each one's pay depends on the role that the person is in.

The rates that a worker will earn is aligned with the NHS agenda for change pay system.

A paramedic's pay starts at band 5 which is £27,055-£32,934, and moves to band 6, which is £33,706-£40,588, after two years in the job.


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As they progress to Band 6 their pay increases and can range from £35,572 to £40,588.

Paramedics trained in critical care and trauma can earn up to £47,672 and consultant paramedics earn a salary between £67,064 and £77,274.

An ambulance technician will receive a band 4 rate, which starts at £23,949 and can rise to £26,282.

Most emergency care technician roles will usually be at band 3, which is £21,730-£23,177, or band 4.

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What does an ambulance worker do?

An emergency ambulance crew attends 999 calls.

It is vital for a paramedic to quickly assess the patient's condition and potentially make life-changing decisions.

An ambulance technician will either be a single responder, or will be supporting a paramedic.

A technician can administer basic first aid at the scene as well as drive the ambulance in emergencies.

They will need to be able to assess, triage and provide lifesaving treatment.

An emergency care assistant partners a paramedic to respond to a call.

They can carry out essential care to a patient, while under the supervision of a paramedic.

They may also drive emergency vehicles.

How do I become an ambulance worker?

There are a few ways in which someone can become an ambulance worker.

Due to the nature of the work, a person applying for a role as an ambulance worker would have to hold a full and valid C1 driving licence.

A C1 licence allows people to be able to drive a medium-sized lorry, such as an ambulance.

To become a paramedic, you will need a degree in paramedic science or an apprenticeship degree, which is an option given by some ambulance services, meaning that people can learn on the job.

To become an ambulance technician, you need a level 4 apprenticeship, which usually takes around 12-18 months.

After initially working in the classroom, they would then learn on the job.

After completing the course, they are eligible to continue as a qualified EMT role with the ambulance service trust.

To become an emergency care assistant, there are no set requirements.

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Initial training will last around six to nine weeks and will include practical assessments and written exams.

Training will consist of learning moving and handling techniques, emergency first aid, basic patient skills, and safe driving techniques.

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