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A WOMAN revealed she got a matching tattoo with her pet pooch – but it's not as bad as people think.

Beagle owner, Sam McGraw, bought her dog six years ago after finding he was up for adoption at a shelter for only £31.72.

She has now taken to TikTok to reveal her matching tattoo with her pup, Ted, stating that it’s her best conversation starter.

Sharing her new ink on the social media channel, Sam (@sammcgraww) racked up 6.5 million views and 861,800 likes for her inspirational story.

The 26-year-old told how the shelter, located in Florida, had rescued a group of animal-tested Beagles to then use them for education research in a veterinary program.

“I have always been a huge animal lover and heard that the dogs were so cheap, so me being a broke college student, I literally used cash I had been saving up to adopt him,” Sam said.


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Days after adopting him, Sam noticed that Ted had a lot of behavioural issues, as well as a numeral tattoo on his ear, which pushed her to look into his past.

“A friend that saw the dogs come off the truck from the animal testing facility said that out of all of the Beagles, Ted was one of the oldest and in the worst shape they saw.

“He was covered in his own poo and pee and was extremely traumatised.

“He would bite people, pee everywhere, was scared of loud noises, and was a very anxious dog.”

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Sam, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then found the documents she was handed when she adopted Ted, which revealed he was in testing for five years, and was around six to eight years old when she adopted him

She added: “I decided to get him checked out by the vet, which is when they found that his scars and markings looked cosmetic or chemical.

“We also found his testing number, which they use for identification purposes in testing.”

Sam decided to take their friendship to the next level last month, getting his numeric testing number, 1947487, tattooed on the back of her calf.

She posted a video of her getting the tattoo on April 21, giving it the caption: “Come get my dog's tattoo, tattooed on me.”

The clip shows Sam revealing Ted’s tattoo, located on his ear, before speaking to the camera about her pooch.

She then shows herself going to the tattoo parlour and getting the number written on her leg.

The video racked up thousands of comments from amazed users.

One person commented: “I also had a research beagle! i got his number tattooed too.”

Another said: “He is so sleepy and sweet.”

A third added: “I literally love this SO much you are the best human ever.”

Another suggested: “Would of been cute to have the number inside of an outline of teddys ear!”

Sam said: “My whole platform is dedicated to raising awareness of how we can change the cosmetics and product industry.

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“I was not always cruelty-free and it took a very disturbing video to send me down a rabbit hole and learn about animal testing.

“I hope my platform hits millions of followers so I have the means to take this to the next level and really help create legislation to protect animals".

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