I was tortured and stabbed by 'most wanted man' in 24 hour kidnap ordeal – I thought I'd never see my kids again

A MUM who was stabbed and kidnapped by a "most wanted" man feared she would never see her kids again, she has revealed.

Attacker Lee Martin, 42, told his victim, 40, he would “kill her straight away” if she made a noise as she sat bleeding in the back of her car. 

And she had wounds to her face as her stalker drove her across Birmingham before dragging her out into a house and interrogating her on a kitchen chair. 

Martin tapped her cheek with a knife, flickered lights on and off and warned a wrong answer would lead to her death before hatching a plot for them to runaway together. 

He jailed for 18 years, with an extended licence period of five years, this month.

He was convicted of all five offences relating to the mum, including section 18 wounding, kidnap, false imprisonment, threats to kill and dangerous driving, Birmingham Live reports.


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The mum-of-four first began messaging Martin on Facebook, but she said he soon became dangerously obsessed, adding: “He was really pushy, he was always wanting to meet. 

“On one occasion, I met him and he'd lost his cigarettes in his bag. As he emptied his bag out, I noticed my address on a piece of paper.

"He brushed it off. That's when I thought 'this is weird'.

But the next day she met her family at a graveyard in September to remember her sister when Martin left a letter on the graveyard. 

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The woman went back to her car when he jumped out the boot, shouting “'you slag, you f****** slag, look what you're doing” – and stabbed her in the leg.

She was forced into the back of her car and he drove off. 

He shouted at her throughout the drive that she had made him angry, pulling over several times and punching her. 

And he told anyone who saw them that they had been robbed by a gang as he ignored her pleas for hospital care.

She said: "I kept going in and out of consciousness because of how much blood I was losing and because I'd been hit.

"I knew he had a knife up his sleeve and he'd put it down the side of my door. He said: 'You say anything to anyone and I'll kill you straight away'.”

"I thought 'I've got to stay away from him.' My phone was bombarded constantly. He'd get other people to message me, all I asked for was to be left alone."

He was convicted of all five offences relating to the mum, including section 18 wounding, kidnap, false imprisonment, threats to kill and dangerous driving.

He then dragged her into a final address where he took her clothes off, put her in the bath and redressed her in his boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

She added: "He kept taking drugs, dragging me into the kitchen, making me sit on this chair. He kept tapping my cheeks with the knife saying I've got to answer his questions – and if I answer them right, I can see my kids, answer them wrong, you're gone.

"I said: 'I'm not with anyone, I promise'. He kept punching me. It was going on like that all through the night. He kept flickering the lights, constantly.

"The whole time there was a house phone next to me, but I couldn't do anything. He had that knife all the time, he didn't leave that knife.

"All I kept thinking was: 'I'm never going to see my kids again'. One minute he was my friend, the next, he wasn't."

He told her he loved her and she had to agree to terms including answering his calls within so many rings, telling him where she was, what she’s doing and who she is with.

And he said he would take her home to get her clothes so they could leave together. 

She called police but he went on a run, inflicting terror on several lone women, and she was moved from hotel to hotel with police protection. 

He constantly rang her threatening what he would do to her and her kids. He was finally caught in September and jailed. 

She said at his sentencing: "It's just been a nightmare, I've had to move house and move areas. He's going to get out again. I feel scared he's going to come after me again.

"I'm constantly checking my car, constantly checking the boot. I take the parcel shelf down.

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"I have moments where I'm alright and moments where I'm just scared. My mood is high and low, then all over the place.

"Every day, all the time I'm thinking of it anyway. But since the court case, I can't get it out of my head."

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