Indiana man survives bear attack in Alaska by deploying bear spray

Bear steals fisherman’s catch right off the line in wild video

Adam Blomfield, an angler from Alaska, was recently filmed fishing on a remote riverbank when a brown bear approached and snagged a salmon right off his line.

An Indiana man was attacked by a grizzly bear with her cubs at Denali National Park this week but was able to fend the animal off with bear spray and walk 1.5 miles to get help. 

The hiker was on a trail alone in dense fog when a sow with two 1- or 2-year-old cubs suddenly charged at him from about 100 feet away. 

The bear knocked the man down and left him with puncture wounds to his calf, ribs and shoulder, but he was able to deploy bear spray to scare the animal off. 

Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, is the highest point in North America at 20,308 feet above sea level.

The man then trekked 1.5 miles to a visitor center where medical personnel vacationing in the park performed first aid and called an ambulance. He was then transported to a local hospital and was in stable condition Tuesday. 

A spokesperson for Denali National Park said that it was the first bear attack since 2016. 

The park said that there is no indication this bear is “unusually dangerous” and there are no plans to locate it. 

“Female bears with cubs are naturally defensive of their young, especially when surprised,” the park said in a statement. 

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