Figure a style UNCONVENTIONAL FULL COLORS , Geraldine Prieur imposes IMPERTINENCE LUXURY and invented a unique LIFESTYLE signature brand Rouge Absolu, created in 2012.

I have always been immersed in color. My mother, my grandmother were daring, even eccentric women who, to dress or decorate their home, fearlessly mixed plum and red, yellow and lilac, or even prints.


During my studies, I created pattern boards that I sold to wallpaper or fabric publishers. When I was twenty-two I moved to London, where I loved the bowlerhats, the Queen’s quirky outfits and all that British eccentricity. They liked my style and called it “Unconventional Full Colors” and I made it their signature.

I track down the ornament, the architectural element around which I will articulate the project. For example, gold leaf moldings, stained glass windows from 1860, and then wake them up with a lot of color, to obtain a refined, sophisticated but also warm and joyful place

Interior designer, graduated with a degree in Art History and Archeology, Géraldine Prieur completed her studies with a Master Certificate of Fine Art Design and Interior Design in London. She receives the award “Excellence Design Export – France Qatar 2000” in Doha contributing to its success in the Middle East.

The poetic and artistic heritage of her family, in which have succeeded painters, great poets and atypical characters, feeds her imagination which she likes to transmit through all her sharp and vibrant creations.

At age 15, she met Mrs CARVEN (founder of the eponymous fashion house) which will be of great influence for his future. The great lady “adopts” Geraldine as her granddaughter. “Carven plays the role of an always benevolent fairy”. She is a real support for Géraldine Prieur, introduces her to the world of fashion and introduces her to great personalities such as Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Balmain… So many encounters that will inspire her later in her profession of interior architect, designer, colourist and stylist.

Non-conformist and daring, Géraldine Prieur is in search of an Elegant, Different, Bright, Magical and Artistic world. Free of her choices, she refuses conventions and gives elegance through a sensual attitude. His creations appeal to art lovers and collectors from all over the world. The royal family of Saudi Arabia, the Kennedy family in New York, His Majesty King Mohammed VI and prestigious personalities in Paris, London, Geneva, New York, Miami, Monaco trust him.

His flagship work is the UP TO YOU Library – Lacquered wood totem stretched vertically, raised like a living exclamation point.

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