It's 'shameful' to put Jeremy Kyle back on TV says former guest

It’s ‘shameful’ to put Jeremy Kyle back on TV says former guest whose life fell apart when he head-butted a love rival on his show

  • David Staniforth claims his life was wrecked after he appeared on Jeremy Kyle
  • Mr Staniforth pleaded guilty to common assault after head-butting love rival 
  • Magistrates said he was ‘highly provoked’ and producers should be in dock 
  • Jeremy Kyle has returned to television with new panel show The Talk on TalkTV

A former Jeremy Kyle TV show guest who was ‘highly provoked’ into headbutting a love rival on the reality show has called the decision to let the controversial presenter back on air ‘shameful’. 

David Staniforth, 59, says his life was wrecked after he appeared on the ITV show in 2007, leading him to lose his job as a security guard. 

His attempts to find work as a bus driver or taxi driver were also thwarted because of his criminal record.

The 59-year-old from Derbyshire pleaded guilty to common assault but magistrates, who saw footage from the show, said he had been, ‘highly provoked’ and that the producers of the Jeremy Kyle show should be in the dock with him. 

Last night marked the return of Kyle to viewers screens on new panel show The Talk on TalkTV after his eponymous named TV show was suspended indefinitely in May 2019. 

This was following the death of a participant Steve Dymond, 63, one week after a programme featuring him was filmed. 

David Staniforth, pictured, 59, says his life was wrecked after he appeared on the ITV show in 2007, leading him to lose his job as a security guard

Reacting to Kyle’s return to the screen, Mr Staniforth said: ‘I think it is shameful to put him in front of a camera again. Whichever way it is dressed up, he is responsible for the deaths of three people.

‘He was the instigator to what happened with them and they took their own lives because of what he put them through.

‘I just don’t think he should be given the opportunity regardless of the show’s format. He has shown himself to be a not very pleasant person.

‘I knew that from my time on the show. He appeared to be on my side before the cameras rolled and then did everything he could to provoke me by repeatedly twisting my words and calling me a liar.

‘There must be plenty of other people who could do whatever role he now has. In my opinion he should be confined to the dustbin of history.’

Mr Staniforth went on the show after his 26-year marriage ended when his wife Jennifer had an affair with their lodger and good friend Larry Mahoney.

He was persuaded to go on the show by his daughter who had been told her father had been unfaithful and wanted to see him take a lie detector test.

Former Jeremy Kyle TV show Mr Staniforth who lost his job after headbutting a love rival (pictured on the show) has called the decision to let the controversial presenter back on air ‘shameful’

Producers told him that Jennifer wanted to apologise and beg for his forgiveness and David, who desperately wanted to be reconciled with his wife, reluctantly agreed to participate.

But he never got to take the lie detector test after being wound up by Kyle and then head-butting Mahoney when he appeared on set pointing his finger and calling him a liar.

Mr Staniforth, who now works in a warehouse, said: ‘It had a terrible effect on my life. I lost my job and the was told I could not work with the public so my hopes of becoming a bus or taxi driver were dashed.’

The father-of-two, said he was never offered counselling after the show.

Speaking to MailOnline previously, he said: ‘I was very vulnerable. I was still in love with Jennifer at the time and had just found out that, behind my back, she had been seeing a man called Larry Mahoney who was our lodger and a good friend of mine.

‘The producers did not leave me alone. They rang me up and said, “Do you still love your wife? Would you do anything to get her back?”

‘They told me they had been speaking to Jennifer and that she wanted to explain everything, to apologise to me and ask me to take her back. I just needed to go on the show.

‘I wasn’t stupid. I knew this wasn’t going to happen and in the end it was my daughter who talked me into doing it.

‘Her mum had said that I had been unfaithful which I knew I hadn’t. She said she wanted me to go on a take the lie detector test. She said Larry was going on and that if I didn’t she’d think I was less of a man.

‘I told her I would do it for her but not to hold me responsible for my actions.’

Jeremy Kyle, pictured, 59, has returned to television screens in Britain for the first time in three years since he was axed by ITV, as he helped launch new channel TalkTV last night along with Sharon Osbourne

As soon as Mr Staniforth was put in front of the cameras, he said: ‘The first thing he said to me was, “Right then Davy boy”. I didn’t like that. It was so patronising and I felt like walking off straight away.

‘He heard what I had to say and just kept calling me a liar. Whatever I said, he would twist it to mean something else and I was getting so frustrated.

‘Then Jennifer came in and started telling more lies about me and then they brought in Larry. Now he is not an aggressive man but they had wound him up and told him to walk over to me pointing his finger and calling me a liar.

‘I could not take it. This was a friend who had done what he had done with my wife and now he was coming at me calling me a liar.

‘It was too much. Jeremy Kyle had got just what he wanted. I head-butted him and blood started pouring from his nose. I have never head-butted anyone before or since.’

When it reached court, he pleaded guilty to common assault and was fined £320 by magistrates and one of the the magistrates who sentenced him said the show was the ‘human form of bear baiting’.

Jeremy Kyle returned after three years off screen at the launch of new channel TalkTV. 

Kyle made his return to TV screens at 9pm yesterday as part of a new hour-long panel debate show The Talk, where five commentators with different backgrounds and views debate current affairs issues.

Him and Sharon Osbourne were joined by fellow presenters Esther Krakue, Nicola Thorp and JJ Anisiobi on the panel and debated news topics such as Elon Musk buying Twitter, Prince Andrew and the ‘woke world of Disney’.

His former eponymous confrontational talk show, which was hugely popular and had been a regular fixture since 2005 in the daytime TV schedule, was axed for good following calls for it to be cancelled from MPs and members of the public.

After the show was pulled, MPs launched an inquiry into reality TV – and ITV chief executive Dame Carolyn McCall said the broadcaster had been ‘looking at’ cancelling it prior to it being removed from the schedules.

Kyle returned to radio in September 2021 when he started presenting a show on talkRadio, but last night was his first time back on national TV – and he was photographed giving a thumbs up to the cameras as he left the studio.

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