Joe Biden campaign staffers reportedly ‘pissed’ as Obama alumni get WH gigs

As President-elect Joe Biden begins revealing cabinet nominees and administration staffing picks, some loyalists from the campaign have reportedly begun to worry that they are being left out.

“People are pissed. I think I’m going to be taken care of but I have not been taken care of yet. I am really interested to find out how you even find out how you got a job in this White House,” a Biden adviser told Politico.

The outlet interviewed staffers throughout the campaign’s infrastructure who voiced concern about recent appointments being given to Obama alumni while Biden campaign employees have heard nothing.

“The Obama staffers are now cutting out the people who got Biden elected. None of these people found the courage to help the VP when he was running and now they are elevating their friends over the Biden people. It’s f—– up,” a senior Biden official who requested anonymity told the outlet.

As another adviser to the president-elect put it, “It is a very valid criticism. A lot of people are living in uncertainty.”

Biden has included multiple campaign loyalists on his incoming White House roster, including Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) and campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon.

The 46th commander-in-chief has also scooped up much of the top brass at WestExec Advisors, a consultancy firm filled with Obama administration veterans.

The firm was founded in 2017 by Biden’s secretary of state nominee, Tony Blinken, and Michèle Flournoy, considered a top contender for defense secretary. One of its former principals, Avril Haines, was just tapped as director of national intelligence.

At least 21 of the 38 WestExec employees listed on the firm’s website, the outlet also reported, donated to Biden’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Biden campaign communications director Kate Bedingfield and senior adviser Symone Sanders have yet to receive White House job titles, though the two are still widely expected to snag top communications posts.

“People who were not part of winning the hard-fought primary were placed before people who were part of that,” a Biden adviser said, going on to reference O’Malley Dillon specifically. “If you noticed, Jen’s people are being taken care of.”

“There’s real doubt about whether they will be taken care of,” another adviser added of the original group.

Reached for comment by Politico, a Biden transition official asked to remain anonymous out of concern that campaign staffers speaking may “focus their frustrations towards me.”

In a prepared statement, the official said, “The Biden-Harris transition team includes many longtime campaign staff working alongside transition staff who have been laying the groundwork for a smooth transition for months. It is still extremely early in the process of staffing the Biden-Harris Administration and the people who put in the hard work to win will continue to be an integral part of the work moving forward.”

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