Joe Biden ‘on track to get 80MILLION votes’ and shatters all-time popular vote record

JOE Biden appears to be track to receive 80 million votes in the 2020 race for president and has crushed the record for most votes received by a presidential candidate.

The Democratic nominee reportedly eclipsed Barack Obama's record of 69,498,516 votes in the 2008 election at 1:30pm Wednesday.

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Biden has amassed 72,263,868 votes, or 50 percent of the popular vote, so far in the 2020 election as of Thursday afternoon, according to CBS News – and votes are still being counted.

Statistics whiz Nate Silver predicted early Wednesday morning that the former vice president would likely win 52 percent of the popular vote, or about 80million votes based on a turnout of 155million ballots.

He estimated that Donald Trump would get about 73-75 million votes, placing both presidential candidates as the top two popular vote totals in US history.

Biden is currently leading the popular vote against Trump, who has 68,508,167 votes, or about 48 percent of the popular vote, and counting as of Thursday morning.

As a few swing states ballots are still being counted in the nail-biting race for the White House, both Biden and Trump could surpass Obama's record once all is said and done.

But winning the popular vote won't necessarily secure the election.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3million votes in 2016, but still lost the election to Trump.

As of midday Thursday, Biden has 253 Electoral College voteswhile Trump has 213 – the first to reach 270 wins the presidency.

The White House was walled up with huge barriers on Thursday following protests over the election at the president's doorstep in Washington DC.

As Trump sat inside waiting for results, protesters with ShutDown DC took to the streets and called for all election votes to be counted.

Demonstrators held signs that read things like "YOU WILL NOT SILENCE US" and "OUR TIME TO RISE."

Marchers held a large banner that read: "THIS IS A DEMOCRACY ACT LIKE IT."

Trump falsely declared victory when giving a speech from the White House East Room early Wednesday morning while millions of ballots remained uncounted.

Despite leading in key battleground states on election night, Biden edged Trump in states including Michigan and Wisconsin.

The late leads put Biden even closer to the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election.

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