Killer who raped and decapitated victim has been jailed for 25 years

Led to her death by a ‘maniac’: Victim is ushered into elevator by Kazakh killer who raped and decapitated her, then boiled her head – and has now been jailed for 25 years

  • Rakhmanberdi Torebekov, 28, killed Ayazhan Edilova, 19, in March this year 
  • Police said he raped and murdered her after she refused to have sex with him
  • In an attempt to cover his tracks, he chopped off her head and boiled it in a pot
  • Investigators also said that Torebekov removed Edilova’s teeth and nails 
  • He has been sentenced to 25 years in prison and ordered to pay £34,000 in compensation to Edilova’s family

A pharmacist who beheaded a female fashion design student, boiled her head on the stove and ripped out her teeth after raping her was today jailed for 25 years.

Rakhmanberdi Torebekov, 28, killed Ayazhan Edilova, 19, after she went to his flat apparently to measure him for a suit.

A video shows him ushering her into a lift – the last time she was seen alive.

A court in Kazakhstan heard details of the high-profile gruesome case in secret.

Ayazhan Edilova, 19, (pictured) was killed earlier this year by Rakhmanberdi Torebekov, 28, after she visited his home, intending to measure him for a suit

Security camera footage showed Torebekov ushering the teenager into a lift in his apartment building before he later killed her

Edilova had a job working for a local tailor and was sent to measure him before expecting to go for a night out with her boyfriend.

Torebekov raped and murdered her after she refused his demand for sex, investigators believe.

He then dismembered her body, beheading her and extracting each nail and tooth in an attempt to hide the traces of the killing, the court was told.

But the victim’s family have branded Torebekov an ‘evil maniac’, demanding that he should never be released from jail.

‘When we saw the photographs of the body parts, we saw that each nail was removed, every tooth was knocked out and all put into separate plastic bags,’ said Almat Mulikov.

‘Why did he need to do this if he is not a maniac?

‘If he just needed to hide the killing, why did he knock out every tooth and cut out each nail?

‘Why did he slowly cut off her head and boil it in water?’

The victim’s family have branded Torebekov an ‘evil maniac’, demanding that he should never be released from jail

Pictured: The building in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where Torebekov lived and had killed Edilova

Torebekov is described as a trained pharmacist with a medical education who came from a ‘good family’ in Almaty city.

When police stormed his flat after her boyfriend raised the alarm, he attempted to cut his own throat.

He was taken to hospital and later confessed to dismembering the student and scattering her body parts in rubbish containers around the city.

He admitted to the murder in March 2021 and Judge Erkin Maishinov has sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

He was ordered to pay £34,000 in partial compensation to the family of the student.

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