Madeleine McCann cops 'dismiss psychic's claims toddler is buried in forest because they've already searched it'

GERMAN cops have dismissed a psychic's claims that Madeline McCann is buried in a forest just six miles from where she vanished – because they have already searched it, the Sun Online can exclusively reveal.

Michael Schneider, 50, who has successfully located the remains of several missing people, has given police the exact coordinates of where he thinks her body is in Portugal.

He contacted the BKA – Germany’s equivalent of the FBI – four weeks ago with the details, and they allegedly replied saying: "Your ­information will be appropriately incorporated into our work."

But the Sun Online can exclusively reveal that Maddie cops have ruled out the "wild claims" by the clairvoyant that the world's most famous missing child is buried in woodland close to Praia Da Luiz. 

According to reports, German prosecutor Christian Wolters, who is now leading the Maddie hunt, has previously used clairvoyants to aid other cases. 

But a source close to the Maddie investigation has told the Sun Online that officers in Portugal have warned their German counterparts the area in question has already been searched. 

A source explained: "Portuguese officers are aware of Mr Schnieder because he has been making wild claims about what happened to Maddie for many, many years. 

"Although officers are grateful for any new information, detectives on the Algarve have warned their German colleagues this is not something they should spend any time on. 

"The area this man insists Maddie was taken has been searched. And officers are sure she’s not there."

But Schneider insisted he does not "give out such information lightly" and said he is "very well aware of the responsibility of what I do."

The Sun Online also understands that German officers will visit Portugal next month as they "step up" their probe into prime suspect Christian B.

"There are many leads the German team want to follow up and they plan to put boots on the ground in Praia Da Luz to try and move the case forward," the source continued.

It seems the recent advances in the case are seeing Christian B "cracking under the weight of suspicion", after it emerged the convicted rapist and child sex offender, 44, had penned a letter slamming the investigation against him as a "scandal".

In a letter to the German media, he attacked investigators and said they "should resign" as they were "persecuting an innocent person".

Brueckner’s remarks are the first time he has made any public comment on the case involving Madeleine who vanished from a Portuguese holiday apartment in May 2007.

But a source close to the case told Sun Online: "German officers will not be deterred by the words and actions of a criminal.

"They remain convinced he is linked to Maddie’s disappearance and there will be no let up in proving this is the case.

"Detectives think he is cracking under the weight of suspicion and they will soon make it clear why they remain so certain he is involved."

Christian B was identified as the prime suspect for Madeleine’s disappearance last year by prosecutors in Germany who said they had "concrete evidence" she was dead.

In his letter, he whined: "Charging an accused is one thing.

"Something completely different – namely, it is an unbelievable scandal – when a public prosecutor starts a public campaign for prejudice before a court case is opened.

"I call on the Brunswick public prosecutors Wolters and (Ute) Lindemann to resign from their offices."

Christian B also attached a cartoon to the letter which shows the prosecutors Wolters and Lindemann eating in a restaurant and ordering “Filet Forensics” – a reference to the fact they have no forensic evidence against him.

The suspect is currently serving seven years for the rape of an elderly woman in Praia da Luz in Portugal’s Algarve coast in 2005 who was attacked in her own home.

Madeleine vanished from the same town just two years later while on holiday with her parents Kate and Gerry and her siblings.

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