Man behind infamous ‘Butt Squad’ photoshoot in Dubai reportedly in hot water with wife

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The organizer of the infamous “Butt Squad” that made international headlines by posing naked in on a Dubai balcony is also in trouble with his wife over the X-rated shoot on his penthouse balcony, he revealed.

Alexei Kontsov, 33, has been released from a prison in the United Arab Emirates and is back home in Russia, where he landed in hot water with his wife, Katya, East2West News reported.

“Once my wife told me that she wants everyone to know that I love her,” the high-tech company boss told a TV crew. “And now I have the chance to say that.

“Katya, you are the only girl I have ever loved — and love,” Kontsov added, sheepishly.

His wife has not commented publicly on the furor involving some 20 Ukrainian and Russian models who were busted for debauchery for the butt-baring and breast-exposing stunt in the conservative nation.

Kontsov’s pal, Ukrainian-American playboy Vitaliy Grechin, 41, who paid for the models to fly to Dubai, remains in custody and has admitted that the whole thing was a “mistake.”

“When people make a mistake and apologize for it, it has to be taken as that,” Grechin said. “Clearly, there was no intent to offend anybody. Clearly, they were not climbing a mosque naked.”

He described the incident as a “spur-of-the-moment decision” that yielded snaps that would be considered “art” elsewhere.

“Obviously some wives will have a better understanding of certain aspects of our lives than others,” he told East2West from jail.

“It is impossible not to have issues, because everyone assumes what they want to assume,’ added Grechin, who declined to discuss the views of his own wife, who lives separately from him in Kyiv.

“People take little bits, and take them out of context, and make their own conclusions,” he added.

All of the women have been released and deported in disgrace with a five- year ban on returning to Dubai.

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