Man clings to bonnet of 4X4 ‘for dear life’ on busy road in London

Shocking moment a man clings to the bonnet of a 4X4 ‘for dear life’ as it swings round corners in busy London traffic

  • Man in orange T-shirt was on car bonnet on Lower Addiscombe Rd in Croydon
  • The silver Land Rover made a sharp left down side road at 2.30pm last Thursday
  • Mark Winter, a local who recorded it on dashcam, believes a BMW was chasing it 

Dramatic footage captures the moment a man clings onto a car bonnet for ‘dear life’ as it heads down a busy road in south London.

In the clip, taken last Thursday at around 2.30pm, the unidentified man hangs on to a silver Land Rover as the driver whizzes along Lower Addiscombe Road in Croydon.

When the 4×4 turns sharply left down a side road, the man, wearing an orange T-shirt, is swung from side to side. 

Mark Winter, who lives in the area, captured the incident on two separate occasions within a minute of each other.

The man, wearing an orange T-shirt, clings on to the Land Rover as it hurtles down a street off Lower Addiscombe Road in Croydon, south London

The footage, recorded on dashcam by local resident Mark Winter, shows the 4×4 turning sharply left with the man on the bonnet at around 2.30pm last Thursday 

He posted the clip to Facebook on the same day, saying: ‘Caught this on my dashcam. He was holding on for dear life, BMW was following behind.

The video shows Mr Winter approaching a congested junction when he spots the bizarre scene.

The man in the T-shirt lies sprawled on the car as it heads around a bend into a 20mph zone.

It is quickly followed by a silver BMW, which Mr Winter believes was in pursuit of the Land Rover.

Moments later, the 4×4 re-emerges – still with the unidentified man holding on in the dashcam clip

As Mr Winter then drives slowly down the busy street, the 4×4 appears once again with the man still clinging on, with his legs swept out towards the side of the car.

On that occasion, the Land Rover makes a left turn onto the main road, causing an oncoming car to brake heavily. 

Mr Winter said that he reported the incident to the police.

He said: ‘I rang 101. They took all the details, and I’m waiting for them to get back to me. ‘

Speaking today, Mr Winter thought the incident was initially a joke between friends.

He said: ‘At first when I saw him come out of the first junction, I thought they were joking around. But when I see it come out the second time, I could see it was not. I was very worried for him.

‘You can see the Land Rover being chased by a silver BMW.’

Mr Winter believes that this BMW was in pursuit of the Land Rover as they both headed down a 20mph zone

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