Man mauled by great white shark that nearly rips off his leg off California coast

A MAN who nearly lost his leg during a shark attack off the coast of California said he's "the luckiest guy in the world".

Nemanja Spasojevic was crab fishing near San Francisco on Saturday morning when he noticed something nibbling at his leg.

When he decided to look down, he saw a giant great white staring at him after just biting his leg.

The avid surfer and snorkeler swam back to shore at Gray Whale Cove State Beach and was able to call a fisherman for help.

He was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital and where he was taken for emergency surgery.

Medics who arrived at the scene said Nemanja asked if his leg was going to be "good".

Thankfully, the shark bite was only minor and Nemanja has been able to walk with a slight limp.

The man thanked everyone involved in his rescue and plans on going back to the beach soon.

"I'm probably the luckiest guy in the world to get hit by the great white and to walk out of the hospital the same day," he told NBC Bay Area.

"I think sharks are not the bad guys. It's their kind of home. We're just visitors," he added.

Despite being bitten shortly at about 9.15am on Saturday, Nemanja was able to swim to shore.

Witness Thomas Masotta, who ended up calling 911, said he was fishing on the shoreline when he saw the wounded victim, reports NBC.

"He called out to me, then collapsed," he told the outlet.

"He was rolling around on the ground and said he wasn’t in a lot of pain but was worried that he was losing a lot of blood."

Out of all shark attacks reported worldwide each year, up to a third are usually attributed to great white sharks, according to National Geographic.

It comes after a stunned fisherman reeled in a 7ft great white shark.

Captain Jeff Warford was fishing for common thresher sharks on a trip just one mile off the coast of New Jersey.

But he had a fight on his hands when he hooked into the giant great white off Seaside Pier in with first mate Jake Bowles and angler Ilan Shemesh.

"We were in 50ft of water when the rod went off and started screaming line off the reel," Jeff said.

"I thought, 'here we go boys, this is our thresher'.

"Fifteen minutes into the fight I got a glimpse of the shark and knew it wasn't a thresher.

"At this point I still had no idea it was a great white.

"Ten or fifteen minutes later we got the fish closer to the boat and I said, 'oh my God, it's a great white'.

"This was the first time I've ever seen or caught a great white. I've been fishing for 35 years and professionally fishing since 2014."

Captain Jeff, from Reel Innovation Sportfishing, estimates the huge fish was approximately seven feet long and 120 pounds in weight.

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