Maya Wiley is emerging as early favorite among de Blasio staffers for mayor’s race

Mayor de Blasio can’t run for a third term, but many fans of Hizzoner are hitching their wagon to his former chief counsel Maya Wiley as the next best thing.

“Love Maya, she is f–king brilliant, and a strong black woman. She’s great. She has a lot of fans in the administration for sure,” said one City Hall insider, who said Wiley supporters among the Gotham deep state were considerable. “There’s already some staffers and former staffers that are holding fundraisers for her.”

It’s more than just some.

Eight of the 10 members of a host committee for a planned virtual fundraiser for Wiley on Sept. 23 are current or former members of the de Blasio administration. Among them are Gael Black, a senior director at the NYC Commission on Gender Equity, and Chelsea Davis, a director at the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice.

Another fundraiser will feature Elvin Garcia and Remy Salas, former borough community affairs directors in the Bronx and Manhattan, respectively.

Max Markham, another de Blasio veteran who spent more than three years as chief of the Mayor’s Office of Policy & Planning, is one of the lead organizers of the Sept. 23 soiree for his former colleague.

“She really showed a dedication to the city and a real sort of mastery of a lot of issues. I am really compelled by a lot of what she believes in,” Markham told The Post.


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