Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fled UK due to 'jealousy', claims royal wedding DJ

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry fled the UK due to "jealousy", the DJ who performed at their wedding reception has claimed.

DJ Fat Tony, who spun the decks for Meghan and Harry's intimate wedding reception at Frogmore House, suggested the pair were driven to the US after Britain tried to destroy them.

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Harry and Meghan, who moved to Canada at the start of the year, have now relocated to an £11million estate in Santa Barbara, California, where they live with their one-year-old son Archie.

Tony said: “It’s typical of the way we are in this country – we build people up and then try to destroy them.

“God forbid, they wanted to live their own life.

“I think it’s human nature to be jealous. We shoot things down that we don’t understand.

“And with Harry and Meghan, nobody understands what went on – it’s all speculation and they’ve never discussed it. So it’s, ‘let’s hate them’.”

At their wedding, Prince Harry is said to have complimented Tony – real name, Tony Marnach – on his social media presence.

Now, Fat Tony, who also DJs for the Beckhams, is glad to see Harry and Meghan happier.

He said: “If you’re doing something you don’t love and you’re not happy doing it, don’t do it. There’s always another option.”

His comments follow claims that the couple are planning a TV show on racism and feminism that takes a "political stance", as part of their new life in the US.

Inside sources have previously claimed that NBC Universal was among the media outlets who heard the former royals' pitch.

The Royal Family has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters and while there is no law to prevent it, they generally don't vote to remain impartial.

But just last week, Meghan was unveiled as a surprise guest in Michelle Obama's campaign to get people voting.

She also confirmed she would be voting in the upcoming US presidential election and urging people to vote. 

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