Miami mayor to fed-up New Yorkers: ‘Our arms are open’

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Miami’s mayor said Sunday that he welcomes New Yorkers to the city — boasting of the city’s comparatively low taxes and “best quality of life.”

“Our arms are open in Miami. It’s a two-hour flight. You’re going to save a tremendous amount on cost of living. You’re going to save a tremendous amount on taxes,” said Mayor Francis Suarez on WABC 770’s “The Cats Roundtable.”

“You’re going to have the best quality of life, and be able to buy a property at a fraction of the price,” he added. “You don’t have to sacrifice or suffer, because all the financial companies are now moving to Miami, and all the venture-capital companies that are in Silicon Valley are also moving [to Miami].”

The comments came when the Cuban-American pol, whose city hosts many ex-New Yorkers and wealthy Empire State residents with second homes, was asked by radio show host John Catsimatidis about his message to the Big Apple.

“We’re going to be the most dynamic and attractive city to create a company, and to build a life, and to raise your children,” said the Miami mayor of his vision of the city. “We’re a pro-capitalist city that welcomes immigrants.”

Suarez — a low-tax, pro-cop Republican — says Miami has attracted people from abroad, due to “dysfunctions” in South American countries governed by left-wing leaders.

“We benefit from other areas’ dysfunctions,” he said. “If you’re a government and you’re not treating your citizens the way that you should — you’re not protecting them, you’re over taxing them, or, worse, in some of these South American countries that are communist … you’re taking away their property, you’re taking away their businesses; and … imprisoning, sometimes without due process, people who oppose the government, you give people no choice but to leave.”

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