Mitt Romney slams Trump over ‘rabid attacks’ and says world is ‘watching America with abject horror’

SENATOR Mitt Romney slammed President Donald Trump on Tuesday over his “rabid attacks” – and says the world is “watching America with abject horror.”

Romney, a Republican who represents Utah in the Senate, released a scathing statement posted on Twitter about his “thoughts on the current state of our politics.”

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The politician wrote, who has been sparring with Trump since 2015, that he’s “stayed quiet with the approach of the election.”

"But I'm troubled by our politics, as it has moved away from spirited debate to a vile, vituperative, hate-filled morass that is unbecoming of any free nation let alone the birthplace of modern democracy."

Romney said Trump "calls the Democratic vice presidential candidate ‘a monster;’ he repeatedly labels the speaker of the House ‘crazy;’ he calls for the Justice Department to put the prior president in jail; he attacks the governor of Michigan on the very day a plot is discovered to kidnap her.”

The former governor of Massachusetts said that Democrats “launch blistering attacks of their own – though their presidential nominee refuses to stoop as low as others.”

He went on to mention that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up a copy of Trump’s State of the Union address in 2019, that liberal commentator Keith Olbermann calls Trump a “terrorist” – and that “media on the left and right amplify all of it.”

"The rabid attacks kindle the conspiracy mongers and the haters who take the small and predictable step from intemperate word to dangerous action," Romney said.

"The world is watching America with abject horror; more consequentially, our children are watching.

“Many Americans are frightened for our country so divided, so angry, so mean, so violent."

The senator said it’s “time to lower the heat. Leaders must tone it down.”

“Leaders from the top and leaders of all stripes: parents, bosses, reporters, columnists, professors, union chiefs, everyone.

“The consequence of the crescendo of anger leads to a very bad place,” Romney concluded. “No sane person can want that.”

Romney’s statement comes days after the FBI announced they thwarted a plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – which Whitmer blamed on Trump. 

Romney was the Republican nominee for president in 2012 against former President Barack Obama.

When Trump was elected in 2016, he and Romney sat down for dinner together to discuss making Romney secretary of state and soon afterward, Romney praised the then-president-elect.

It was later reported that Trump was “toying” with Romney over the position, after he said Trump lacked the temperament and judgment to be president, calling him “a phony, a fraud.”

Trump has called Romney a “pompous a**.”

In February of this year, Romney was the sole GOP senator to vote for Trump’s impeachment for abuse of presidential powers.

In March, Trump trolled Romney, describing him as a "terrible presidential candidate" and a "RINO,” or “Republican In Name Only.”

On Monday, Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden seemingly forgot Romney’s name while speaking to reporters.

"You may remember, I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon, the governor, OK? And I took him on," Biden said, without naming Romney.

The apparent gaffe prompted Trump to mock Biden, with just weeks to go until the 2020 election.

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