Mum horrified as man takes photos of her baby in Aldi and police say there's nothing they can do

A MUM has spoken of her horror after a man took photos of her baby in Aldi – and police told her they couldn't do anything about it because the tot was dressed.

Kirstie Bradford was in a store in Brighton when she spotted the shopper snapping images of her eight-week-old son Jimmy.

She immediately confronted the stranger, who told her he thought the little one was "cute" and said he and his wife wanted to have a baby.

Worried Kirstie then spoke to shop staff and called the police.

However, officers told her they were unable to take action as the baby was wearing clothes, Brighton Argus reports.

Sussex Police said the photos, which were taken "with solely innocent intent" and had since been deleted and that there was no risk to the baby.

Kirstie told the paper: "If it is my baby, I should have a say on whether he can take the picture or not.

"The law doesn't make sense.

"You have to give all these permissions for pictures to be taken of children at school, but strangers are allowed to take a picture whenever they want."


Kirstie was shopping at the discount supermarket at 1pm on Monday when she noticed the shopper angling a phone at Jimmy, who was born two months premature.

Kirstie, 30, said: "I had Jimmy in the trolley seat.

"When paying for the shopping, I noticed a man standing right behind us acting strangely on his phone.

"So I went behind him to have a look, and I could see him taking pictures of my baby.

"When I confronted him, his reply was that he and his wife wanted a baby.

"He didn't even seem bothered that he had taken them, despite me shouting and the workers coming around to tell him it was not right.

"The security guard said it was 'not on' but the guy just kept saying the baby was cute.


"I just said, 'You can say that, but you don't take pictures for yourself'."

She said police told her that, as Jimmy is dressed, there was "nothing they can do".

"He doesn't even have to delete the picture," she said.

"I don't think it is right that anyone can just go and take a picture of any child they want and just keep it, without the parent's permission."

Sussex Police said there was no evidence of a crime being committed and the man has since deleted the images.

He told The Argus: "A call was received shortly before 3pm on Monday from a woman reporting that a man had been taking photos of her baby in a supermarket in Lewes Road, Brighton.

"Both people had left the scene before police arrived a short while later.

"Police made enquiries and traced and spoke to both parties. There is no evidence of any offences having been committed and the baby was not at any risk at any time.

"It was clear that the photos, since deleted, were taken with solely innocent intent."

Aldi said it did not comment on matters involving the police.

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