My Amazon delivery of snack bars arrived with the snacks ALREADY eaten – with ‘TEETH MARKS’ on the box

A MUM has blasted Amazon after claiming her delivery of Graze cereal bars arrived with one of the snacks already scoffed – with “teeth marks” on the packaging.

Fiona Leary ordered a box of Graze Protein Oat Boost bars online last Wednesday for her gym-loving family, but when she and husband Justin Leary opened the parcel she says one of the snacks had already been eaten.

The 42-year-old business owner then said she made the stomach-churning discovery of an open wrapper 'poking out' covered in 'tiny teeth marks and mouse droppings'.

When Justin, 43, complained to Amazon, the mum-of-three claims they were simply offered a replacement for the £16.89 order without promising to investigate how it happened.

Cake-making business owner Fiona is now calling on Amazon to investigate a potential warehouse issue she believes caused the 'revolting' delivery.

Amazon said they are now investigating the issue and “working with the customer to make things right”.

Fiona, from Chorley, Lancashire, said: "It was disgusting.

"As soon as my husband opened [the box] he said 'oh, there's an open packet here'. I went 'that black stuff is mouse droppings'.

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"You can see the packet and it's got chewed teeth marks around it. There are black drops that look like mouse droppings and bits of the oat biscuit scattered around.

"At the time my father-in-law was here and he looked at it too and said 'yes, they're definitely mouse droppings'.

"One box wasn't touched but two have been. One hasn't had anything eaten out of it but you can clearly see black marks all around where some kind of vermin has been on top.

"The packet that was eaten was poking out of the first box.

"It's definitely an animal that's eaten it. It's got tiny teeth marks and there's mouse droppings on it.

"You can see on the box and the wrapper. You can see droppings and pieces of oat."

Fiona claims Justin contacted Amazon via their live chat but was simply offered a replacement, with no promise to investigate the issue.

Fiona said: "My husband ordered and spoke to Amazon online. They said 'alright, we'll just replace the box'.

"They didn't want photographs of it and it felt on their side they weren't going to take any further action. That's why I wanted to name and shame them on Facebook.

"I'd expect them to open a case and investigate the matter. There's clearly an issue at the warehouse."


The business owner, who bakes cakes from her home, has vowed to throw out the two packets she believes have been interfered with by mice and plans to report the incident to the Food Standards Agency.

Fiona said: "I bake cakes for a living and have to go through hygiene standards for my job. This is revolting for me.

"I've done my food hygiene standards certificate and I keep my kitchen clean. Making sure no pests get in is a priority.”

An Amazon spokesman said: "We are working directly with the customer to make things right."

A Graze spokesperson said: "We'd like to offer our sincere apologies to Fiona for this experience and any concern caused.

"Ensuring that our products can always be enjoyed in the highest quality and condition is our priority and we're working closely with Amazon to urgently understand how this order has been delivered in this condition."

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