My son's nursery BANNED him from eating the cake I put in his packed lunch and his it from him | The Sun

A FURIOUS mum has slammed her son's nursery after they banned him from eating the chocolate cake she put in his packed-lunch.

This woman shared her frustration when her son's snacks were hidden until home time and the nursery suggested 'expensive' healthy food.

The Hull day-care claimed they want to encourage healthy eating and prevent children becoming over-weight.

However, the shocked mum, who spoke to Hull Live, said: "As long as you make sure they have a balanced diet and brush their teeth every morning and evening there is nothing to worry about.

"There's absolutely no need to put children on a silly diet when they are just kids."

When her son returned home one day, she discovered the chocolate flavoured Aldi Fondant Fancy she packed for him had not been eaten.

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She said: "He told me nursery didn’t let him have his cake and they hid it from him and told him he had to wait for home time.

"I don’t see how this small cake is going to affect him. It should be up to us parents what we feed our kids."

The nursery has strict rules about food and claimed if a packed lunch contained a banned item it would be taken away.

Although they did state a child would still be given other food instead, parents would be invoiced for the cost later.

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In anger about spending extra for food as she already pays nursery fees, the mum said: "People are already struggling to put food on their table after the rise in cost of living, there is no need to make life even more difficult by banning certain foods in pack lunches."

She also turned her nose up at the suggested nursery food: "Everything on the list that the children are allowed to eat are really expensive and not even filling," she added.

"On the list it suggests making a tuna bean salad, why would I make my child eat a tuna bean salad, I don’t even make myself eat that," she continued.

However, some 'junk' food is permitted, in the form of low calorie crisps.

This 'tip' further frustrated the Hull mum, as she branded it 'silly' and complained about the fact parents have to start counting calories.

At the end of the day it is all down to personal choice I think this is just too extreme. Let kids be kids give them a variety of everything otherwise they will just be picky eaters."

In response to this story, several parents stood by her, one wrote: "They need to mind their own business! If the child won't eat what they suggest, will they let him go hungry for the day or force feed him?"

Another commenter who defended her said: "A tuna bean salad is what joyless fun vacuums eat, imagine a life with no love and happiness, that's a tuna bean salad."

On the other hand, some sided with the nursery and criticised the the boy's lunch, one said: "Nursery children or any children don't require crisps and cakes everyday as part of their dinner anyway.

"I wouldn't feed my kids that muck daily."

A reader also commented: "Chav life. Does he get turkey twizzlers at home?"

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