Nearly half a million parcel deliveries will be missed each day once Brits go back to work

NEARLY half a million parcel deliveries will be missed each day once Brits return to the workplace – a retail expert has claimed.

After numerous lock-downs in the last year and with everyone stuck at home, although the country has seen online spending rise by 48 per cent, it has also seen the lowest number of missed deliveries.

Independent retail consultant Graham Soult looked at figures estimating shifts in behaviour post-lockdown and analysed them alongside online spending patterns and delivery numbers.

His research found that more than 7.5m parcels are sent every day in the UK, and that numbers have been steadily rising, with around 5 per cent of deliveries failing when the country isn’t in lockdown.

Based on that analysis, the number of missed deliveries could soon be almost half a million a day, with numbers rising all the time as online sales continue to increase.

Mr Soult told The Sun: “We’ve crunched the data, and even working on existing stats that predate the latest surge in online shopping you get close to a figure of 12 million missed parcels a month.

"And it’s likely to be even higher soon as people get out more.

“It’s something people used to complain about all the time before the pandemic, and now it’s set to become a major daily gripe again – that sinking feeling when you open the front door after a day at work to see a clutch of cards under the letter box for missed deliveries."

He added: “People have got into the habit of shopping online more than ever during lockdowns – not just from big-name stores, but also from the many high-street independents that pivoted to trading online during the pandemic.

“However, part of the convenience they’ve enjoyed has been based on them being in when the parcel arrives.

"Now they’re going to be back to that pain of ‘collect this from this depot’, and, that old favourite, ‘package left in bin’ when the bins have just been emptied.”

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