New York man stabs another, crashes a car, then flees on foot: police

Amid Rising Crime, New Yorkers Are Picking a Mayor

A major U.S. city’s future is far from clear.

A suspect is on the run in New York City after stabbing another man in the abdomen, fleeing in a car and crashing it, then running away on foot, authorities said. 

A fight broke out in midtown Manhattan around 3:00 p.m. that ended when one man stabbed another man. The suspect then jumped in a car, drove four blocks north, crashed the vehicle into the side of a building and fled the scene. 

The victim was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive. 

The two men knew each other, a spokesman for the NYPD said. 

“This doesn’t look like it’s a psychopath stabbing people. It just looks like these guys knew each other, and was probably domestic in some way,” the spokesman told Fox News.

The suspect was described in a preliminary description as a 5’7″ Black male wearing blue jeans, a black shirt with a white circle logo on the front, and black and white sneakers. 

New York City has been grappling with rising crime recently. 

Crime was up 22% overall in May compared to the year before, mostly driven by a 73% increase in shootings, a 46.7% increase in robberies, and a 20.5% increase in felony assaults, according to NYPD statistics. 

Now, crime is at the top of New Yorkers’ minds going into the summer months. An Ipsos poll conducted for NY1 in May found that 46% of New Yorkers think crime or violence is the biggest problem facing the city, followed by affordable housing at a distant 31% second. 

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