Nicola Sturgeon faces demands to oust 'Covid-spreading' MP Margaret Ferrier as she STILL refuses to quit £82K a year job

NICOLA Sturgeon is facing demands to oust "Covid-spreading" MP Margaret Ferrier as she still refuses to quit.

Ms Ferrier travelled from Glasgow to London, even speaking in the Commons after developing coronavirus symptoms.

The politician, who has since lost the SNP whip, even appears to have visited a gym, shop and a beauty salon on the same day she started to feel ill and ordered a test.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is under pressure to support the signing of a recall petition that could see Ms Ferrier sacked from her £82,000-a-year job as an MP.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said Ms Sturgeon must support the recall petition.

Ms Ferrier would face a by-election if at least 10 per cent of her 81,000 constituents signed the recall petition.

Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross said he was "surprised, amazed and shocked" that Ms Ferrier was yet to quit.

He told Sky News that Ms Ferrier's actions were "irresponsible and dangerous".

Ms Sturgeon reportedly had her "head in her hands" and swore after being told Ms Ferrier had broken the law, a source told The Times.

Ms Ferrier has so far resisted calls for her to resign, and has referred herself to the parliamentary standards watchdog.

Cops are also investigating.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford earlier called Ms Ferrier's actions a "tremendous error of judgment".

He told BBC Radio Scotland: "I would say to her that her position isn't tenable, given the circumstances that we're in, and she has to accept her own responsibilities of what she must do. I can't force that upon her, she is no longer an SNP MP.

"I'm pretty angry at what has happened, it is not acceptable."

On Thursday, Ms Ferrier revealed that "on Saturday afternoon, after experiencing mild symptoms, I requested a Covid-19 test which I took that day."

It's not clear when she began experiencing symptoms, or the exact time she took the test.

After feeling better she travelled to London on Monday, attended Parliament, breaking isolation rules to stay put until test results come back.

She got her positive test result on Monday evening, but then chose to travel back home from London to Scotland on Tuesday morning.

It's not yet known when the SNP knew the full details of her trip.

SNP sources said they were only made aware she tested positive and made a trip to London on Thursday.

But she informed them she tested positive – alerting Parliamentary authorities – on Wednesday.

A source told Herald Scotland: “Part of the reason why members of the party are so angry is that she misled them numerous times.

"They are so shocked by this, as she is a genuinely nice woman and a very dedicated MP. They just can’t get their heads around the fact she misled them willingly.”

What is a recall petition?

A recall petition is a process that forces an MP to lose their seat in Parliament.

Under the Recall of MPs Act 2015, recall petitions can be opened if an MP has been convicted of an offence and received a custodial sentence, barred from the House for 10 sitting days or 14 calendar days or if they are convicted of providing false or misleading information.

Once a recall petition has been opened by a Petition Officer, it can be signed within a six-week period.

If at least 10 per cent of the electorate signs the petition, then the MP is sacked and a by-election occurs.

The sacked MP is able to stand as a candidate at the by-election.

Source: UK Electoral Commission

A fuming Lindsay Hoyle this week told Sky News she was "silly" and "reckless" and it should never have happened.

He stormed: "This is completely reckless behaviour for an MP to put staff and fellow MPs through, it is not acceptable.

"I certainly would expect better, its something what made it worse was only being told on Wednesday, something that was known about on Monday.

"It is a dangerous, dangerous thing to do."

He said it was a "breach of the law".

Ms Ferrier faces fines under new English laws, where people could lose £4,000 if they "knowingly" infect others in a reckless way.

And she could face a fine for breaking isolation rules too – which start at £1,000.

Downing Street has said Boris Johnson believes everyone must follow the coronavirus rules, but refused to be drawn on whether Margaret Ferrier should step down as an MP.

A No 10 spokesman said: "That is a matter for her and her party. We have been clear of the need for people to follow the rules. This is all about saving lives and protecting vulnerable people.

"The Prime Minister has been clear that everybody needs to follow the rules in order to allow us to reduce the spread of the virus and protect lives."

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