North Korea state TV curiously scrubs Kim Jong Un emblem

Kim Jong Un’s Supreme Commander emblem has been erased from Korean TV, according to a new report.

The emblem, composed of a marshal’s star and wreath, was noticeably absent in multiple shows about Kim and covered up in one segment that airs daily on Korean Central Television, NK News reported Friday.

The symbol was covered up in a 15-minute video on the country’s new year propaganda slogans, which typically air once a day. The video was edited sometime between Feb. 18 and 19, according to NK News.

The publication said the removal of the emblem may be related to constitutional changes last year that nixed the term “Supreme Commander.” After the change, Kim was referred to as the commander-in-chief.

News of the missing emblem comes as speculation continues to mount about the notoriously reclusive leader’s whereabouts.

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