NYC neighbors unite to sing ‘Hey Jude’ from their apartment windows

These New Yorkers are taking a sad song and trying to make things better.

Touching video shared with The Post shows a group of coronavirus-isolating Big Apple neighbors uniting in song with a rendition of The Beatles classic “Hey Jude.”

Around a dozen Upper West Siders — inspired by moving performances from Italy — were filmed as they leaned out of their windows from two adjoining buildings as they sang and played instruments.

The Beatles classic was a fitting tune for the coronavirus crisis, with its lyrics about not being afraid and making things better.

Gretchen Connelie, who filmed the short clip from her apartment on West 111th Street, said the shared musical moments brought together neighbors who were complete strangers before their isolation.

“I’ve never even seen these neighbor’s lights on before … and now we’re having sing-a-longs every night at 7pm,” she said.

The freelance writer — like many, struggling for work since the city shutdown — also joined her neighbors in singing other classics like “My Girl” and, reflecting life stuck in their apartments, “Yellow Submarine.”

“That view is from my couch and it’s usually just a bunch of dark windows,” Connelie told The Post of the six-story buildings. “I had the TV on so didn’t hear anything at first but saw the lights on and then realized what was happening.”

She says a neighbor playing a guitar appeared to have started the impromptu singalong, with about a dozen others joining in. “There was even a violin and a horn at some point,” she said, noting many apartments were empty as many were students who had left the city.

The unity over their shared courtyard soon stretched beyond music.

“After a few songs, we started chatting, asking if everyone is okay or if people need anything,” she said, saying, “Everyone was doing great and in fine spirits.”

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